Centre Door Knobs

Centre Door Knobs

At Restoration Online we offer centre door knobs in a range of finishes such as black, brass, and antique finishes that will add the perfect finishing touch to your door.

Keep your house looking authentic with a centre door knob from the right time period. Centre doorknobs have been a popular choice to create a decorative look and impactful front entrance over many eras, from Victorian, into Federation, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Arts and Crafts. By adding a centre door knob to your project, you will automatically be adding a sense of class and creation to your door. These products are perfect for adding an extra element to your already amazing door hardware purchased from Restoration Online. We understand the importance of restoring your house with just the right fittings, if you’re unsure which centre door knob to choose don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

How do centre door knobs work? Centre door knobs are a decorative non-functioning pull handle. They have a bolt that runs through the door and is attached with a nut on the inside of the door. Centre door knobs are used as a decorative pull handle, you will require a separate door handle and lock to operate the door.

What is the purpose of a centre door knob?

Have you ever looked at your door after all the necessary functioning components have been installed and yet it still feels like something is missing? Does the door still look plain and it’s not bringing that warm and inviting appeal that you were hoping for? Perhaps you have a particular period style of home you are trying to achieve, yet the building is lacking in authentic character. If this is the case, then a Centre Door Knob may just be the answer to all of your problems.

Centre Door Knobs were historically used for adding extra character to the front entrance of a door and was part of many popular styles. The Centre Door Knob is a decorative non-functioning single-side door knob that sits gracefully in the centre of the door. This piece of hardware can be used to create a powerful vector that draws the attention of the eye to the aesthetic design or special material used for the door. These door knobs are not only great decorative pieces but they are also a practical element to pull the door closed when no other door handle has been fitted on the outside. Our range of Centre Door knobs cater to an array of different home build styles as they are available in many shape styles, finishes and sizes. You can choose a more simplistic approach by opting for a classic centre door knob, or you can choose a much more decorative piece, such as a Filigree, Octagonal or Ornate Centre Door Knob.

Large Centre Front Door Knobs

Our range includes centre door knobs in large sizes including 80mm, 85mm 98mm. Our centre door knobs are designed to be a lot larger than a standard door knob, they create a bold look and double as a practical pull handle. Whether you’re restoring a heritage home or building a new traditional home, you’re sure to find what you need in our selection of large and extra large centre front door knobs.

From the Anvil Centre Door Knob Range

If you haven’t already, you need to check out our new range of hardware from one of our newest brands ‘From the Anvil’. From the Anvil specialise in true architectural ironmongery. With the help of real Anvils, blacksmiths have been able to create genuine, hand-made, period-style hardware using forge mild steel and hot forging brass. This is why our ‘From the Anvil’ products fall into our super premium product category for you to enjoy. If you are wondering what this has to do with Centre Door Knobs, well you’ll be happy to know that ‘From the Anvil’ offer an exquisite, top of the range collection of Centre Door Knobs. By incorporating one of these centre door knobs into your project you will be able to create the true authentic look of your door design that you have been envisioning. This company is based in the United Kingdom in Wales. Their collection of products is the perfect way to bring a sense of old-world culture and imagination to your design. What better way to start then by showing off the collection directly from your front door?

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We service all regional and metro areas of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, shop online and have your new centre door knob delivered straight to your door. We also ship a number of our products overseas to countries like New Zealand and to the United States for example. Regardless of your location, you can still have access to our fabulous products right from within the comfort of your own home as you experience the shopping online world.