Soap Dishes

Having a home without soap dishes is like having a ham and cheese sandwich without the bread, sure you can do it, but there's going to be mess everywhere! A soap dish can be a life saver especially when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean. It’ll save you from having to pick up soap that has been sitting around in a puddle of its own gloop, and who knows what type of bacteria is hiding in that stuff.

Good quality soap dishes are getting hard to find, but they can set the tone of a bathroom. When coupled with some high quality soap, it’s like you're presenting the bathroom to your guests and saying, ‘you’re welcome’.

There are many different types of soap dishes available in Australia and in our online shop you’ll find a selection of the finest. We have almost everything you could want for a bathroom, and the humble bathroom soap holder is just the tip of the iceberg.

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A soap dish is usually regulated to the bathrooms, but there are other areas of the home that can make use of the soap saver properties of a specialised tray. Many people might think that there’s nothing to it, you just put the soap on the side of the sink and that’s good enough, but you actually need to keep the soap off the bench and out of the water.

Water is a natural enemy to soap; it can dissolve the soap over time and render it useless when trying to get your hands clean. Soap dishes are usually elevated and have drainage holes on the bottom to let water out. This aids in drying the soap, and dry soap is not a great place for bacteria to breed and multiply

Where to Install a Soap Dish?

Soap dishes can be placed anywhere that you’ll regularly use soap. The perfect place is in a guest bathroom, as you’ll need to keep this clean and looking good for when people come over to your home.

Other places include the kitchen, especially if you are going for the farmhouse style, which is very in at the moment. There was no such thing as a soap dispenser back then and installing one will give your home a modern feel that will take away from the style you're trying to achieve.

A laundry is another great place to install a soap dish, especially if someone in your home is regularly washing dirty hands in the basin. Fumbling with a wet and slippery cake of soap is never a good look, nor is it intuitive to keep a laundry clean and tidy looking.

To find out where to install a soap dish, you’ll need to consider if your family is predominantly right or left handed, as that will tell you where to install the soap dish holder. For right handed people, they’ll most likely put the soap on the right side of the sink, and the reverse for left handed people. If you have the situation with two sinks, common in many ensuites, you can either install one in the middle between the sinks or on the far side to both sinks. This will give your ensuite the symmetry required to look good.

Once you find the perfect place for the soap tray, then you’ll need to determine the height. Most people place a dish near the bench, but forget that as they are self draining, and you’ll end up with a puddle. A better location is where any water draining away form the dish will go into the sink and down the drain. This is easily achievable in some locations, such as the shower, but can be challenging in others, like high sided square sinks. You can measure the height and wall distance, to get a good feel for the dimensions of the soap dish you’ll need for it to be effective.

Ideally, mark all of the location of where your soap dishes will be installed with some tape. Doing this will mean that after you order your new fixtures and they arrive a few days later you’ll have a good reminder of where you decided to install them. However, it always pays to measure again, just in case someone moved the tape!

Buying Your Soap Dishes

In our online shop, Restoration Online, we have a large range of soap dishes available. We ship Australia wide and have a 21 day return policy, which means that if you are unhappy, or the product didn’t meet your requirements, you’re able to arrange for a return and select something else that may be more to your style. We stock a large variety of bathroom fittings and other fixtures, we are sure you’ll be able to find anything that will make your home look its best and bring you joy for years to come!