Bathroom Basins

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom from scratch or remodelling an existing one, choosing the right bathroom basin is very important. Bathroom basins not only serve a necessary function, but they are often one of the first things people notice when they enter your bathroom. As they are such a prominent feature, it is worth taking the time to choose the right style to suit your needs. At Restoration Online, we offer a wide range of high quality bathroom sinks from reputable brands and our experienced staff are available online or on the phone to help you every step of the way.

What bathroom sinks are in style


As bathroom basins can change the whole look of your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that complements the style of your home. Whether it is a traditional or vintage inspired look you are after, or something more modern, we offer a wide range of sinks and vanities made from a variety of materials including aged copper sinks , fireclay and vitreous china/ceramic.

There are a few other things you will need to consider when deciding which bathroom sink is best for you. Firstly, it will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom and how much storage room you need. Is it is an ensuite, the main family bathroom or a small separate powder room that is mainly used by visitors? And of course you’ll also need to take into account your budget.

The above counter bathroom basins are becoming very popular as they not only look stylish, but they are relatively easy to install, hold lots of water and they are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Although they have less workspace area than other basin styles, the above counter basin doesn’t eat into the space underneath so you can still have plenty of storage.

With their seamless look, the under counter basins are another good option. These bathroom basins are an ideal choice for the main family bathroom as they provide a lot of workspace area, any spilled water can be washed into the basin and they are very easy to clean. The inset basins are also a popular style, and with part of the basin above the counter top and part of the counter below you can get the best of both styles. Or you can choose semi recessed basins, where the basin slightly hangs over the front. This means the taps are easier to reach which can be handy if you have kids. You’ll also get a bit more vanity space than you would with an inset basin.

Console or pedestal basins can offer a more traditional look and come in a variety of styles and colours. They are a great choice for powder rooms or guest bathrooms where space is limited and not as much storage is needed. The pedestal basin also conceals the plumbing, but it can be harder to clean around than some other basin styles.

If you are after a minimalist and streamlined look, the wall mounted or wall hung basins are a popular choice, especially if you have a small bathroom. These bathroom basins don’t need a counter to rest on, which can save a lot of floor space, and the plumbing is inserted in the wall. The downside though, is that there is no inbuilt storage underneath.

Once you’ve chosen your style, you’ll need to make other decisions such as whether you want 1 tap hole, 2 tap holes or 3 tapholes, a single or double basin, and decide on the waste type. With over 40 years of professional experience in building and restorations, we are available to offer tips and advice to help you choose the bathroom basin that is best for you. From the premium Stafford console bathroom basin made in England or the decorative copper sink inset basin to the wall hung bathroom basin to the white ceramic above the counter sink, we have a basin to fit every budget and style.

How to install wall hung basins

Installing wall hung bathroom basins is easy once you know how! The exact process will depend on the type of wall you are attaching it to, as well as the specific type of basin you are using, but here are the basic steps to follow.

The first step is to mark out the hole locations on the wall where the bathroom basin will hang. The typical height for a bathroom basin is around 850mm, although you may want it higher if you are particularly tall. In some cases, the existing water supply will also affect the height you make your basin. Once you’ve determined the height, you’ll need to drill the holes ensuring you use the correct drill bit and wall plug for the type of wall you are attaching it to. Don’t forget to use protective eyewear! The next step is to hang the basin using the recommended fasteners and nuts, and then tightening with a spanner. The final step is to seal the basin where it meets with the walls.

With our affordable pricing, fast shipping throughout Australia and our exceptional online customer service, it’s easy to see why Restoration Online has so many happy customers. We can help you select a bathroom basin you will love for many years to come!