Door Bolts

Created by premium brands such as Tradco Hardware and Zanda, our range of door bolts include both surface mounted and flush mounted styles. Whether you have a traditional or more modern style of home, we have a large collection of door bolts to choose from. Whether you need an offset bolt, a reverse barrel bolt or a panic bolt, we are likely to stock what you need. Our door bolts come in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes including antique brass or polished brass, chrome, black, rumbled nickel or polished nickel, satin nickel, satin chrome, antique copper, stainless steel and more. A door bolt not only helps keep your door or gate closed and provides security, it can also be an elegant, decorative feature that makes your door stand out from the crowd.

The most historical of our door bolts is the classic barrel bolt (including the necked or offset barrel bolts ) which can be used in a vast range of applications including casement windows, timber doors and cabinets. Barrel bolts have a sliding metal bolt or bar in a bracket that is mounted on the door, and a catch plate that is installed on the door frame so that the sliding bolt can fit inside it. The bolt will need to have some kind of knob so that it can easily slide in and out of the bracket.

More contemporary versions of the barrel or slide bolt are the patio bolts, panic bolts and tower bolts. These are all surface bolts, some of which are lockable with a key and all of which are heavy duty and create a stronger design element. For example we sell a lockable polished brass patio bolt that not only provides security, but it also an architectural feature. It is a very durable and long-lasting door bolt and comes with an anti-tarnish brass finish. Our lockable bolts provide extra security and we supply two keys with each lock. If you are ordering multiple locks, these locks can be keyed alike (where one key works in multiple locks) or separately, whatever suits your needs best. Please supply your preference when you are checking out online.

We also sell flush bolts that have been specifically designed for double French doors. They are particular useful on double doors where one side of the door is often kept shut. The traditional lever action flush bolt is installed into the top and bottom edge of the non-active door. Alternatives to French door bolts are locking surface flush bolts or reverse barrel bolts which are designed to be installed on the face of the door.

At Restoration Online we stock a large collection of brass door bolts which come in several finishes including satin brass or polished brass. As well as providing security, these door bolts can be a stylish feature on your door or window. For example we sell a Victorian style brass barrel bolt that can be installed facing upwards or downwards on your doors and windows, and it comes with a standard keeper and brass screws in the same classic finish. We also sell an ornamental brass surface bolt that can also be installed facing up or down. As well as being a fully functional surface-mounted panic door bolt that provides an additional layer of security, this long brass surface bolt is also very eye-catching. And what’s great about our brass door bolts is that they can be coordinated with our brass door handles and other door hardware for a complete and cohesive design.

If you want to make a bold statement, Australian company Tradco also has a black door hardware collection and the door bolts come compete with black screws. From the slide bolt latch especially designed with a long throw to span larger gaps, the mounted tower bolt made of iron, or the surface bolt made of solid brass with a matte black finish, we have a wide variety of black door bolts to choose from. If you need gate bolts, we also sell decorative gate bolts made of iron and with a black matte finish. If you have a heritage or Victorian style home, these bolts are a stunning addition to your gate. The gate bolts come with a standard ornate keeper, as well as black screws to give it a seamless look when installed.

With so many different styles and finishes, you may not know where to start. Unlike many other online stores, personalised service is a priority at Restoration Online. Our friendly customer service team is dedicated to assisting with enquiries and making sure you have everything you need for your project. So if you’re feeling a bit daunted about what type of bolts to buy to suit your door – our knowledgeable team is here to help! You can give us a call or contact us online.

Apart from door bolts, we also sell a wide range of other door hardware including door stops, cabin hooks, and hinges. And you can also choose from our stylish collection of decorative door features including doorbells, door knockers, house numbers, centre door knobs, escutcheons, push plates and letter plates. You can also check out our stunning French door hardware. In fact, at Restorations Online we sell all your home hardware in a range of styles so you are sure to find something to complement your home. You can browse through our extensive range of products online.