Double Laundry Sinks

Double Bowl Laundry Sinks

At Restoration Online, we have a wide variety of sinks which will suit every room in your home that requires one. This includes the kitchen, the bathroom, and your laundry! Your laundry sink will be well used unlike any other sink in your home and needs to stand the tests of time. When choosing a sink, it’s important to look for one that will cater to all your laundry needs. This includes, long linen soaks, perhaps a doggy bathing station and a true workspace for scrubbing out tough stains and other laundry use.

Just because the sink is based in the laundry doesn’t mean that it can’t still be stylish. Restoration Online aims to provide you with a double-bowl sink that is both practical and style appealing to match your home aesthetic. Double-Bowl laundry sinks are standard among many Australian homeowners. Each sink comes with many beneficial factors that will assist you in your design for a full, smooth, functioning laundry space.

Our extensive range of double bowl sinks are offered in many styles, finishes and sizes that suit both heritage and contemporary style home designs. These sinks are brought to you from some of Australia’s leading industry brands such as, 1901 Sinks, Shaws Sinks, Fienza, Abey, Turner Hastings, Meir to name a few. Choose from a pristine and pure white sink for your traditional keeping in tune with your home’s history or choose from our range of black sinks for your modern, high-end feel laundry. These sinks are offered in many finish varieties which allows you to mix and match your laundry fittings together. Be spoilt for choice, with Restoration Online.

Double-Bowl Sink Vs. Single Bowl

Your Laundry is not often seen by guests that visit your home, so this really gives you free reign over your design and you can really make it your own. Based on your personal preference you can choose a sink that will best work for your laundry purposes. Laundries will often use a sink that is either a single or a double bowl. Trying to choose which one to go with can sometimes be a hard decision to make. Each Sink style has its advantages and disadvantages.

Double Bowl laundry sinks consist of one unit which consists of two basins which are separated by a divider. The advantage of this design means that you can have a basin for soaking dirty clothes while using the other basin for an additional purpose or activity. Traditionally these sinks were comprised of two basins which were the same size, however some newer models now come with a 1.5 bowl or a 1.75 bowl. This means you can still have two bowls, but the unit takes up less counter space.

Single bowls often save on counter space but can only be used for one laundry activity at a time. A single bowl is one large basin without any dividers. Even though you can only do one activity at a time, you will have more space. Whether this means pampering your beloved pooch or soaking the sweaty and muddy footy wear before putting it through your washing machine. Both the single bowl and the double bowl sinks have their benefits. Look at your project and see what aspects of the sink will work best for you and your laundry environment.

What type of double bowl sink do you need for your laundry?

With Restoration Online, you don’t have to settle for basic. Our tasteful range of fireclay double-bowl butler sinks will suit your heritage style laundry to a tea, whilst being practical, efficient and beautiful all at once. Even though this style of sink is more traditional, there are sinks that will be suitable for a modern laundry, such as our range of stainless-steel double bowl sinks or a granite sink which will compliment your contemporary design. Choose from numerous installation methods, which include drop-in or undermounted sinks. With these options in mind, you will be able to design and build the laundry you have always dreamed of, which will not only be pleasing to the eye, but be functional and efficient.

If you have any questions about our products or are trying to decide which one will work best for your project, you can always contact us by giving us a call or sending through an email. You will then be able to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members who will be able to assist you with your query.

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Every sink needs a tap as a companion. Everyone knows that a sink without a tap is just not complete. At Restoration Online, we do not only cover all your sink needs but we also offer tapware to suit your chosen sink. Choose from our range of laundry taps and save on space by choosing a wall mounted laundry tap. Otherwise, you can opt for a laundry mixer tap or even our washing machine taps.

Once you have selected your taps, don’t forget to add matching sink waste fittings for both bowls of your sink. If a double bowl laundry sink isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we also have deep laundry sinks, laundry basins, laundry troughs, including double laundry troughs, laundry tubs and utility sink tubs. We like to make sure that our customers are given all the best possible options when it comes to their home restoration or renovation projects.


All our sinks are shipped Australia wide with free shipping, so that you can get the best out of your online shopping experience. This means that the products are shipped to both Regional and Metro areas including to small country towns and major capital cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more. Simply place an order online or over the phone today and receive your sink straight to your doorstep!