Coat Hooks

The entrance to your home isn’t complete without coat hooks. They can set the tone of the home and it’s easy to find something that suits your style and decor. Travellers and residents alike have used coat hooks for generations, and they have a wide and varied use. Most often they’re installed at the front of a home as this is where most people will remove clothing that is suitable for outside, but not necessarily for the inside.

The style of coat hook you choose to install will depend on the decor in your home. Ideally, you’ll want to choose something that fits in with what you currently have, or perhaps you are going for a reclaimed feel for your home, and you’d prefer something contrasting to other elements of your home. It all depends on what your particular interests are. You could try antique brass for that classy look, pewter for a timeless finish, or plain white if you're going for a future stylistic feel.

Although it is most common to find coat hooks at the entrance of a home, you shouldn’t let that stop you from installing them where having a hook to hang something on would be a good idea. The possibilities for these handy items are almost endless, but there are a few key ideas that you can follow to determine where they are best installed.

Most homes are packed with storage, but the humble hook is often forgotten, but they are perfect for items that are used regularly and shouldn’t really be hidden away in a difficult to get to cupboard or wardrobe.

Where to Hang Coat Hooks?

Coat hooks are a functional part of your home, and deciding where to hang them so they’re used can be difficult or easy depending on how you look at it. Most of the time you know where to hang the first few hooks. This is logically next to the main entrance to the home. Consider where your visitors will be entering the home. How many people would you be expecting at a certain time. This can tell you how many to install. Commonly, an odd number is best as this is most appealing for design. You need to choose a spot that isn’t too high or too low. The best way to decide is to enter the home and take your coat or jacket off. What feels natural? For heavy items, such as bags, you may want to locate a stud in the wall and secure your hook to that, but for general use having a solid anchor point is suitable.

In some homes the residents enter from a different point to their guests, this may be another part of the home, or even a separate door, such as one leading from the garage, which would be a great place for an outdoor hook to hang muddy boots. While it’s best to take care of guests first, as they usually don't have a closet in your home, your family should not be forgotten. A coat hook is the perfect solution for rainy days, and for coats (and other items) that are used regularly.

What Style of Coat Hook Should I Choose?

Style can be a matter of personal choice, but it is best to choose something that fits in with your current furnishings. For example you probably shouldn’t look for a satin chrome finish if your door handles are polished brass. Ideally you should pick coat hooks that are made of similar materials. This is part of the reason that we have added a large variety to our online shop. After choosing your finish, then you can look at style. Is your home a federation style or is it something more modern? The type of hook you select could fit in with almost any style and type of home. Before you buy your hooks, have a look through our selection; we have many traditional styles and many that are more up to date with current trends.

A coat hook is just one element of an entrance area, there are many other things that you could consider to accompany them. Once you settle on the style of hook, look at creating a shelf for boots. A simple plank of polished wood with some stylised brackets could finish off the area. There are many other items you could add to the area to make it complete, have a look around our extensive hardware range for examples of what to include. In our home we have assigned numbers to each hook so our family members know which one belongs to them.

Buying Your Coat Hooks

At Restoration Online we have an extensive range of coat hooks, this is because we believe that every home needs that individual touch. After choosing a hook that appeals to you, consider looking through our general hardware section and try to think of the possibilities. You could make the entrance to your home into something special!

Hooks are perfect for many areas around the home, if you're installing some outside, you can update your gate hardware at the same time. We also have stair hardware , perfect for entrances with staircases, and wooden corbels for putting that finishing touch on shelves and wall units.

With our range of fixtures and fittings, coupled with the fact we ship Australia wide the possibilities are endless. All our products are backed with a 21 day return. If you find that it just doesn’t work out the way you want, but notice something different on our site that’ll suit better, please get in contact and we’ll see what we can do. Our interest is in making your home a place to be relaxed, year round!