Awning Window Hardware

Whether you are restoring your original hopper windows or installing brand new awning windows, Restoration Online provides a wide range of hopper and awning window hardware. From wedge fasteners and spur catches to hopper catches and quadrant stays, we have your awning and hopper window hardware needs covered.


Our hopper and awning window hardware comes from Tradco Hardware, a trusted Australian company renowned for their high quality, yet affordable architectural hardware. Apart from awning and hopper window hardware, we also stock a wide range of other door and window hardware from Tradco Hardware which makes it easier for you to create a cohesive look throughout your whole home as you can buy many of your fittings in the same style and finish.


When they are closed, a hopper window and an awning window can look very similar. They are typically smallish windows and they are often built higher up on the wall. An awning window is generally hinged at the top with the sash (the moveable part of the window that holds the glass pane) opening outwards away from the home. It is called an awning window because when awning windows that are hinged at the top open outward, they creates an ‘awning’ or small roof over the window opening. A hopper window is similar although it generally opens inwards into the home and it is typically hinged at the bottom.


Awning and hopper windows let in natural light, as well as allow airflow so they are great for ventilation and were particularly useful before air conditioning became widely available. These windows can be ideal in rooms such as the basement where there is limited space for a window. They are often used in bathrooms as they can be built up high so can allow privacy but still let in air and light. An awning window that is hinged at the top and opens outward can be left open even if there is a drizzling of rain outside, letting in the fresh air but not the water.


If you want to keep your awning window shut, the awning window hardware you can use is a spur catch or web fastener, both of which are designed to latch an awning window closed. The wedge window fasteners can be used on outward opening awning windows that are hinged at the top. These non-lockable wedge window fasteners are suitable for timber windows only, and the keeper needs to be installed onto the timber windowsill. If your awning window does not have a window sill, then we recommend you use a hopper window catch. Alternative awning window hardware that you can use to keep your awning windows shut are the window spur catches that are also designed to be used on outward opening awning windows that are hinged on the top, and they are also only suitable for timber windows. The window spur catches and wedge window fasteners are made of brass and come in several finishes including antique copper, polished brass, antique brass, matte black, chrome or satin chrome. This awning window hardware comes with a standard keeper and wood screws.


The hopper window catches are designed to be used on outward opening awning windows that are hinged at the top. These window catches are suitable to be used on timber windows only. They come with wood screws, and include a flat and standard keeper. With the hopper window catch, there are a wide range of finishes to choose from including matte black, satin nickel, polished brass, rumbled nickel, satin chrome, antique brass, antique copper, polished chrome and polished nickel. So whether you are after a traditional looking finish or something more modern, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.


We also sell quadrant stays that are designed to be used on outward opening awning windows hinged at the top or the bottom. This awning or hopper window hardware is suitable for timber windows only, they come with the wood screws included. These quadrant stays are perfect for holding awning windows open, however they are not designed to lock an awning window shut. The quadrant stays come in the same nine finishes as the hopper window catches.


As well as hopper or awning windows, there is likely to be many other types of windows in your home. The good news is, we don’t only sell hopper and awning window hardware but at Restoration Online we can supply you with all your other window hardware and accessories as well. We provide fanlight & transom window hardware, sash window lifts, sash window fasteners, sash window accessories, awning window hardware , casement window stays and casement window fasteners. And if you have curtains on your windows, we also sell curtain fittings. In fact, it’s not just window hardware we look after, you can shop online at Restoration Online for all your home hardware requirements! Browse our website today and contact one of our friendly and experienced team members if you need any assistance. We’d love to help you create a beautiful home with all the traditional trimmings.