Curtain Fittings

Installing some curtain fittings can be an easy way to improve your home. They can give it a lift that otherwise might be missing from a freshly renovated room. If you already have curtains, or have recently replaced them, then adding in some extras and changing out the uninteresting items can give your curtains a new lease on life. We have many options available to add that something special to your curtains and make people take notice.


Often people say that it’s the little things that get noticed and we’d have to agree when it comes to curtain fittings, sure the curtains are the star, but where would the star be without the supporting cast? By having high quality fittings your curtains can be elevated to the next level. We have all sorts of extras that you can include, often what you need will be dictated by how you choose to hang your curtains.


You can use a decorative curtain hook if you like the look of an open curtain. This will give the window a presentation appearance and these hooks are suitable for most curtains. However, for heavier curtains you might like to add in a curtain ring, as that will help gather the curtain and make it easier to hang on the hook. You can buy all of these in the curtain fittings section of our online shop.


For blinds that have a cord, you can replace any damaged, rusted, or mismatched hooks. Our cleat hooks are made of high-grade metals and are available in a variety of finishes, including, traditional, antique brass, black, antique copper, satin chrome, and standard chrome. In many homes a cleat hook can easily break, especially if they were poorly made. Ideally you’ll replace an entire set at once to make sure that you get all matching window hardware . If you're upgrading your cleat hooks, you could also get cord weights to match, these are available in similar finishes, so you’ll be able to get the decor to match properly.

How to Hang Curtains on A Track Rail?


A track rail curtain is a great way to have curtains hung, but when you need to pull the curtain down for repairs or cleaning it can be difficult to get them back on properly. Most track rails use a series of hooks inserted into the curtain; these will need to be hooked into the track rail guides in the correct order. If you miss one, then the curtain will hang incorrectly, and you’ll need to repeat the process.


For best results the hooks need to be inserted in even spacing, you can work out the spacing with some math. Take the width of your curtain and divide it by the number of eyelets per curtain (divide total eyelets by two, then minus one), this should give you the distance between the hooks. Lay the curtain flat on a clean surface and insert a hook at both ends, then using a measuring tool, insert a hook based on the gap distance you worked out.


Then you can start to put the curtain in the eyelets. For this it is best to work with a friend, but it is possible to complete it by yourself, however the curtain may get heavy. Try to rest the main weight of the curtain over a chair or some other object. Keep hooking the curtain up until you are done. Complete this for both sides, and then pull the curtain back to check that everything works properly.


You can finish up the task by replacing any curtain fittings that are damaged or dated. You could also add in any extras that may have been missing but will add something to the overall appearance of the curtains. We recommend hold back hoops or curtain sweeps for when you want the curtain open, but not totally split down the middle.

How to Install a Curtain Fittings?


Most curtain fittings are very simple to install and remove. Often, they are held on with a few screws, and replacing is as easy as unscrewing the current fitting and then screwing in the new one. You need to note the spacing of your new fittings, and depending on what you’re screwing into (plasterboard, or brick work) you may need to use different fasteners.


For other curtain fittings, like hooks and sashes, it’s best to pull the curtain to the spot you like to install them and check if the look is right. As a rule, a curtain hook will sit between halfway and two-thirds the length of the curtain. Have a friend hold the curtain while you look at it from a distance. Then mark the spot and fasten it to the wall or window frame.

Buying Your Curtain Fittings


At Restoration Online you can buy all your curtain fittings in our online shop. We have a huge variety available, and we ship Australia wide. We have a 21-day returns policy, so if your fittings are not suitable for your project then you can arrange for a return and choose something better.


For all your other restoration needs, please have a look around our hardware section. For more window furnishings, you can find them in these other sections, we have sash lifts, fasteners and other accessories, casement window stays and fasteners, awning hardware, and fanlight transom hardware .