Sink Mats

Sink Mats

Acting as a buffer between your sink and dishware — sink mats not only protect your fragile chinaware from accidental damage but also safeguard the sink against scratches and scuff marks. If you’re looking for good quality kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks or planning new sink accessories for your kitchen, Restoration Online is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Made of synthetic plastic polymer (PVC) and thermoplastic rubber, our kitchen sink mats are non-slip and heat resistant. Available in two basic colours white and black, the open gridded pattern of our sink mats allow water to flow through easily while washing and rinsing dishes. While the white variant mostly suits fireclay sinks, those of you who own large sinks can order the black sink mat. The drainage holes in our sink mats enable a mess-free clean up where all you’ll require is soap water and a sponge. Doesn’t matter if your sink is made of ceramic, porcelain, or metal, sink mats will protect it from the daily wear and tear. Our team of restoration specialists can guide you if you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom sinks in the very first place. Here you can pick the highest functioning piece for your home without having to compromise on the style. And all of these, at the most competitive prices.

Sink Design and Styles

Our collection of sinks online is preferred for their high-quality manufacture and flexible designs. We have a range of single and double bowl sink designs to choose from. If you have a taste for traditional fixtures, you may like our classic fireclay sinks or the rustic butler and belfast sinks. Resistant to heat and scratch, these sinks can perfectly fit in your kitchen, laundry or farmhouse.

Our fireclay sinks are handmade using traditional methods and hence they are 100% unique. Every single sink will be somewhat different from the other in terms of finish. If you are looking for a robust and durable material, stainless steel sink is a good investment. Our modern and premium range of kitchen sinks also hosts a variety of designs. For customers who want something specific to go with their farmhouse decor, our undermount sinks won’t fail to please you. Known for its deep vessel, the undermount style is usually a large and rectangular sink looking more or less like a tub. Our timeless copper sinks can add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. If space is a constraint, you may want to consider our pedestal style bathroom basins as well. From the moment you begin to browse our website to the delivery of your order and after-sales service — we aim to make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible.

How to Install a Sink

We recommend our customers not to cut out work surfaces or units until they have taken delivery of their sink.

How to install a sink? Clean your workspace so that it’s free from dust and debris. If needed, remove any existing silicone. Contaminants will prevent a decent bond, so wipe over the area with some mineral turps. Run a bead of silicone sealant around the contact surface of the sink. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess product to ensure a smooth, clean finish. Allow the silicone to dry for at least 24 hours before exposing it to water. Our online hardware store in Australia houses a wide range of sink accessories, without which your sink may not be able to function seamlessly.

Once you’ve got home the sink of your dreams, you wouldn’t want food particles or any other solid waste to clog your sink pipes. Our kitchen sink plug can catch any waste before it goes down your drain. The sink stopper with stainless steel basket waste will easily blend into your decor and design aesthetic. Stainless-steel doesn't rust and therefore can be a safe choice for your kitchen sink where the waste fitting will continuously come in contact with water.

Related Products

From stainless steel and bronze basket wastes to basin pop-up wastes, our collection of plug & waste fittings are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your kitchen and countertop. Whether you do dishes by hand or with a dishwasher, an essential part of any kitchen sink is a drainer board. Our fireclay kitchen sink drainer facilitate dish drying and can be set on the counter and put away as desired. Fireclay drainers are also stain-resistant and are easy to wipe clean. The rubber bumper feet of the drainers will protect your benchtop from any scratches. Our sink mats are also great for utility sinks and tubs in your laundry room or garage. Working like a cushion, these mats can guard all types of sinks by absorbing any physical shock that can be bad for the sink’s shelf life. If you’re still confused about the type of accessories to buy or the kind of sink that will match your style — we are here to help. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote, and help you complete your order and ship the products directly to your project site as soon as possible.


Shop with us and choose the best-quality sinks, sink mats and sink accessories for your home. We ship these products across Australia to all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and more! We ship to all regional and metro areas. Regardless of your location you can still have access to this range of amazing products with a few simple clicks of a button.