Laundry Taps

The laundry. Often the least thought about or unloved room in your house. If you want to breathe life into your laundry or just want to give it a face lift, you will soon realise that there are a lot of things to think about! You of course will need cabinets, storage, bench space, a sink & appliances, but what about taps?

In addition to our gorgeous range of laundry sinks, we also have a massive range of laundry taps to compliment them beautifully.

What are the types of laundry taps?

In a normal laundry room, you would have at least two taps: - A Sink Tap - A set of Washing Machine Taps

What should I look for when buying laundry tapware?


You want to consider where you are installing the tap.

If you’re installing over a laundry sink or tub, are you installing into the bench or into the wall? This may be something you can decide for yourself if you are designing your laundry from scratch, however if you are replacing existing tapware or you are renovating and not able to relocate your plumbing, you may have to tender your choices to the tapware that will work with your existing set-up.

Space may be another consideration. For example, if you are working with a small space, you can maximise your bench space by installing a wall mounted tap as opposed to a bench mounted single hole mixer or bridging mixer tap.


Of course, function is one thing, but we are all renovation buffs right? So how things look is very important to us.

Our range is very diverse. We have laundry tapware available in a huge range of styles from heritage to French provincial, as well as finishes such as the always durable chrome to the super classy matte black.

A question we get asked quite often is; “How will this tap look in 5 years?” This is a fantastic question but unfortunately not a simple one to answer on a broad basis. Finish durability really depends on each individual brand and the process they use when plating or applying each finish. For example, in some cases, polished nickel is one of the most hard wearing finishes and will remain shiny and bright for many, many years, this is the case with our CB Ideal tapware . However, some brands polished nickel finish is not as durable and may fade over time.
If the durability of the finish is something you are worried about, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss regarding the finish and tap you are interested in.

As a basic rule, polished chrome is a tried and tested classic for tapware and will certainly hold up best over time.

Alternatively, if looking for a range of tapware that you can match throughout your home, perhaps checking out our range by brands. Bastow Tapware, Fienza Bathware, Phoenix Tapware, Armando Vicario & Nicolazzi Tapware are just a few of the world leading tapware brands that we carry. You can view their entire collection by visiting our brands page, or simply use the filters on this page to show you all of the laundry taps from each of our available brands.


The sale and installation of tapware in Australia is governed by the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme which is Commonwealth of Australia initiative to help preserve our precious water resources.

This scheme requires that most tapware (with very few exceptions) is tested for it’s efficiency and given a rating out of 6 stars called the WELs Rating. The more stars a tap carries, then the more efficient the tap is. For example, a tap that has a WELs rating of 5 Stars will use approximately 5 litres of water per minute if you were to have the tap on at full force. This rating by law must be displayed on each tap which falls under scheme. You will find this rating listed on each of our tapware products as well as how many litres per minute are used.

Washing Machine taps are one of the few exceptions to this scheme, however washing machines do require a WELs rating so keep an eye out for this when looking for your appliances as well.


For Washing Machine Taps, consider if you are installing taps lower on the wall where they may interfere with the location of your washing machine. If you need to install these behind any appliances or cabinets, consider the depth or projection of the tap to ensure it will not cause you any unnecessary problems.

For Sink taps, you will want to consider both the height and the reach of the tap. In the case of height, ensure you don’t have any height restrictions such as overhead cabinets. For the reach, if you have a large laundry tub, perhaps consider those taps that have a larger (longer) reach or distance from the base of the tap to the end of the spout.

What is the difference between a laundry tap and a kitchen tap?

Though Washing Machine taps are unique to laundries, the tapware to go over a sink is the same as any tapware used over a kitchen or bathroom sink.

As with our entire range, all of our laundry tapware is available for purchase online. Most of our tapware is held in stock in Australia, although a lot of special finishes are plated or ordered in to order so can have a lead time of a few weeks. All of our tapware, as well as our kitchen sinks and lighting are all available with free shipping Australia wide. So that means if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, you will not have to pay a cent for shipping when you purchase your new tapware from Restoration Online.