The Zanda range is a contemporary selection of door handles, hardware and cabinet furniture. Their high quality products are available in a variety of durable finishes and will complement a range of design choices.


Zanda Architectural Hardware is a designer and supplier of high-end door handleshardware, locks, latches and cabinet handles.

An Australian company, Zanda products are popular among architects, designers and builders, as well as home renovators. Their products are offered in multiple finishes so that you are able to match your products to your existing hardware with ease. With contemporary builds at the forefront of Zanda’s hardware design, these pieces are perfect for incorporating into your modern home build. The high-quality of these products makes them a popular choice for any home renovation and will give you peace of mind. Restoration Online is here to offer quality products that are practical and nice to look at. With our collection, proudly brought to you by leading Australian brands, like Zanda, you will have all the products you need to fully outfit your home.

About Zanda

At Zanda Architectural Hardware, they are all about the production and design of high-quality architectural hardware, specifically door hardware. They are a wholly owned Australian manufacturer, that has complete control over the entire manufacturing process. From the design stage at the beginning to the shipment of the items to your door. Restoration Online acts as an outlet for Zanda’s products and is a main distributor, and we oversee your ordering processes. We coordinate in order to make sure your ordering process runs smoothly, and that the shipment of your items is speedy to ensure your residential or commercial project stays on track.

The hardware designs are created with the intent to compliment the fine art of architecture as we know it. This is why all products are manufactured to a high-quality standard and get designed ‘in house’ to create masterpieces. Some pieces can transport you to a realm of true architectural influences, taking you to towns and cities across the world within your own home.

Zanda have a mission. That mission is, as quoted, ‘to enable, ennoble and enrich – our people, our customers and for the greater good.’ Their vision, ‘to be the very best in our product and service offering of mid to high end door hardware in the world.’ Zanda base their production of products on high values which help, simply and amaze their customers.

History of Zanda Architectural Hardware

It may sound hard to believe but Zanda’s family business history dates back to over 165+ years ago. It starts with the immigration of Frederick Wallis from England in 1854. Both himself and his brother Charles began an award-winning business in the production of a patented gas stove and exporting products all over the world. Fast-forwarding to 1880 Frederick’s son, moved to Western Australia. Here, He set up WA’s largest cool drink manufacturing facilities. From here further businesses were sold and created and, in the end, through the same bloodline, Zanda Architectural Hardware was brought to life. Through the years, the family businesses have served the needs of architects, specifiers, builders, interior designers and more. Zanda caters to luxury designs and requirements, meaning you will be spoilt for choice, when shopping with this brand.

Zanda Architectural Hardware Products

Focusing on functionality as well as aesthetics, Zanda offers deadbolts, sliding door solutions, handles and door accessories in popular finishes such as satin brass, matte black and brushed nickel. The period-style Winchester range of handles and matching accessories is available in unique Rustic Brass and Vintage Pewter, combining superior quality with rustic, traditional design. With this extensive range at your fingertips, Zanda provides you with stylish options that can be used for either commercial or residential fitouts. These will also give you inspiration for your bathroom and kitchen renovations for all homeowners.

Zanda offers a great selection of different ranges. Filter by a particular range to have all items matching throughout your project. Some of these ranges include Astron, Futura, Jura, Visca, Winchester and Zurich. The overall theme of these styles hints mostly to modern builds; however, Zanda do not exclude traditional designs from off their list. Regardless of your project design, Zanda has the products for you. They even have a collection of premium hardware products which have had extra care and attention put in to make their quality outshine their competitors.

Environmental Policies

The products produced by Zanda aim to meet the needs of environmentally sustainable practices by being developed in a sustainable manner. This is why they follow a strict Environmental Sustainability Policy that commits to minimising the impact on the environment. This is done by providing a safe workplace for the workers, being environmentally aware, conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling, participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and much more! Having these policies in place, only adds to the reputability of this company, making them even more trustworthy.

Related Products and Brands

While you’re in the market, there are so many products to explore and choose from. Over 10,000 to be more precise when you shop with our company! Restoration Online offers products from many brands such as Zanda, Tradco, Iver, Nostalgic Warehouse and many more where you can find the right products for your home renovation or restoration. Our website will bring to you products that can be used to update your current hardware, light switches, window fittings, door handles, Kitchen handles and cabinet handles, the list continues. You can consider Restoration Online your one stop shop for all things hardware!

Ordering and Shipping

If you have any questions about any of our products or you would like to place an order do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our professional and helpful sales team members. We ship our products Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes to all major cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, to name a few. Simply place an order either over the phone or online and have your order delivered right to your doorstep!