Door Hinges in Australia

Humble door hinges, while not as noticeable as escutcheons and doorbells, play an important practical role in your home, but deciding which design is best for your build is often underappreciated. 

If you’re restoring an original home or building and you’re intent on maintaining as authentic an approach as is possible, then you’re in luck – you just found the online supplier who specialises in providing authentic looking reproductions for a range of popular period styles in timelessly elegant designs. From brass door hinges to antique hinges and door brackets, we’ve got you covered. We also have a range of double door hinges. Browse our collection now.

How to choose the right door hinge

There are a few things to consider when choosing door hinges for your home, such as:

Size: The hinge leaf sizes will help you determine exactly how to hang your door. When installing regular loose and fixed pin door hinges, ideally the leaf size should be smaller than the width of the door. If you’re fitting broad butt-style hinges and Parliament style hinges, the leaf size should be wider than the door as these types of doors are designed to open wider and to lay flush with the wall the doors opens on to.

Style: The first thing you should consider is the style of door that you’re hanging: both design-wise as well as practically. Once you are familiar with the type of door that you want or wish to rehang, next you have to decide on the style of hinge that will look best. Consistency in style and design is one of the hallmarks of a truly top-notch finish on any remodelling or building project. If you have a chosen specific style of door knobs and handles, then you will want your hinges to match the period and style that the rest of your hardware is designed to evoke.

The easiest way to ensure this happens is to look for similar manufacturers between hardware types you have already chosen. Often the style and finish will be consistent across their entire range ensuring that your final design mirrors that consistency. 

Materials: If you’re not able to find a designer or manufacturer who supplies both your ideal hinges and the door handles to match, then the next best thing is to match the materials of both. If you’ve chosen stainless steel door hardware, like your door knockers then look for stainless steel internal door hinges as well.

Matching materials can often be enough to generate a sense of flow and synergy throughout your entire design. This is particularly useful if you are replacing timber doors or hardware in a period style home and you want to keep as true to the original features as possible without skimping on mod-con improvements like heavy duty hinges or soft close hinges that won’t catch stray fingers caught in the door frame.

Safety: Contemporary safety features are another good way of determining which fittings you want to install throughout your home or project space. 

What types of door hinges are there?

Fixed Pin: If you’re searching for the safest hinges for exterior doors, then always choose a fixed pin design. This design ensures that intruders are unable to remove your exterior doors and claim entrance to your home. Although your rear entrance doors may be protected by your perimeter fencing, consider using fixed pin hinges for your back doors as well for added safety and security.

Loose Pin: Loose pin hinges are fine for interior doors and will even offer you greater flexibility within your home. You can more easily remove interior doors when it comes time to paint or move large pieces of furniture swiftly and easily. 

If you’re remodelling or designing a public bathroom, then Australian standards mandate that the door be fitted with lift off door hinges to aid in gaining quick entry to enclosed public spaces in case of emergency. You may wish to consider these types of hinges inside your home if you are catering to people with a disability or for very young children in case of accidental locking or obstruction of doors.

Butt: For French doors or double doors, you will want a broad butt hinge. These allow for doors to open completely, allowing smooth transition from space to space, both internally as well as from the inside to outside entertaining areas. You can find a range of antique hinges that evoke traditional design elements in period homes and designs that want to evoke a bit of that timeless, traditional elegance.

Shop for door hinges in Australia

It can be daunting to embark on an odyssey of information and if you’re unsure of which hinge to choose, then please reach out to us for help. 

At Restoration Online, we offer all of our customers a personalised shopping experience, offering our expertise and knowledge as a quick reference space you get your questions answered in. If you’re searching for a particular type of door hinge, or you know which period the original features were designed in, then let us know and we’ll source the perfect reproduction piece.

While door hinges might appear to be desperately functional and lack in design inspiration, consider your options carefully while you’re selecting finishing touches and details. Subtle effects offered by the perfect door hinges can go a long way to truly evoking the general style, theme and appreciation of your overall design ambition.

All of our orders are checked thoroughly before they shipped out to ensure that our customers not only receive exactly what they ordered but that what they ordered matches. We’ll quickly screen your order to ensure that all of the products you have ordered are the same style and size and save you aggravation and time in case of mistake orders. It’s all part of our personalised service.