Laundry Sinks

One of the biggest renovations you can tackle in your home is your laundry. There is a lot of freedom of choice and the possibilities are endless. Creating anything from a warm country feel, a luxurious hamptons haven, a colourful statement, to a modern sleek aesthetic.

It is important your design selections stand out, while standing the test of time. Our range of sinks is extensive – Including varying materials, mounting options, brands, colours, modern and traditional designs. Whatever direction you may be looking for, and Restoration Online will have you covered. We specialise in heritage, Hamptons, shaker, French country and everything in between, such as industrial and contemporary.

Difference Between a Kitchen and Laundry Sink

Many find it difficult to distinguish between the different sinks that can be used within a laundry versus a kitchen etc. Here at Restoration Online we want to make sure you get the correct items for your installation and help with whatever questions you may have. The main thing to keep in mind is that most sinks can be used in a laundry. Preferably you will want a sink that is deep enough for functionality as a laundry sink, however most of our sinks fit this criteria. If in doubt, our helpful staff can be contact via phone or email.

What is a Good Size Laundry Sink

Laundry sinks can see a lot of activity in their lifetime, so they need to be functional in more ways than one. It will most likely be used for soaking fabrics, filling buckets, or even dog washing! This means it would be wise to install a wide sink at least 200mm deep to suit any of your needs – Whatever they may be. In saying this, if you are working with a small space, we also have sinks that will make an exceptional addition to any laundry such as a belfast sink. They have the functionality needed for a laundry, without taking up any precious space.

When choosing a laundry sink, we also recommend considering the installation, as there are a range of options depending on the outfit of your space or the look you are wanting to achieve. For a large impact and classic feel, you may decide on an exposed front butler sink, or if a more streamline look is to your taste, a undermounted selection could let your handles or laundry tap take the spotlight.

Different Brands and Materials

All of sinks are from reputable brands that have been trusted by Australians for many years. We carefully select who we work with to give our customers the best products and service experience we can provide. Some of the companies we closely work with include Chambord Sinks, Turner Hastings, RAK Bathware, 1901 Sinks & Taps, Schock Sinks, Meir, Shaws Sinks, Abey and Fienza Bathware. Also rest assured all products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty once they are received.

Due to the diversity of the brands we deal with, this also means we can bring a variety of materials our customer have to choose from when purchasing a sink. Long gone are the days where there were very little options, giving customers more freedom to make their space exactly what they imagined. Nothing is off limits with the alternatives of fireclay, stainless steel and nano-granite - With the added benefit of a choice of colours to boot! Not only have the material and finish options grown, there is also a wide variety of different shapes and sizes no matter your style or space you are working with.

Other benefits of these new material options, are the durability factors that open a whole new world for how long your newly renovated space will last you. For example, fireclay that was very popular in the U.K for many years, has made its way to being one of the top sellers we have. This is due to the traditional feel, it being hard wearing, stain resistant, and the list goes on!

Laundry Taps and Handles

Options for tapware are extensive and the styling options are endless thanks to our many tapware brands. We find that most kitchen taps can be used in a laundry and due to the fact they are available in different finishes, they can make a big statement just in the finish selected. Give your laundry that pop of colour with the selection of a copper plated tap placed against a matte black sink for a contrast sure to leave any onlooker stunned. Or possibly a classic white and chrome style is more your liking. The options to mix and match your palette are unhindered, offering an incredible number of alternatives to make your laundry “you”.

Another addition that can elevate your laundry design and complement your selection of sink, are the handles you choose. As we all know, kitchen handles can make a huge impact on how our space looks and flows. Just with the simple addition of new handles a space can be transformed with minimal effort. Whether you are looking to compliment your sink or tap, there is sure to be a handle for you!

Where We Ship To

Worried about purchasing a sink online? Don’t be!

Here at Restoration Online we send our sinks Australia-Wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and all regional areas. If there are any issues with your product that happened in transit, just contact within 48 hours of receipt and this will be sorted for you.

If you have any issues at all completing an order or just need further assistance with any queries, contact us via email or call 8:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday NSW Time.