Gate Hardware

From rural properties and grand estates to country cottages and houses in the suburbs, a timber gate matched with the right gate hardware can add charm and character to any home. Fences and gates provide privacy as well as acting as a deterrent to unwanted guests. At the same time they also define your property boundary and help make sure your children and pets are kept safely inside it. As well as serving a purpose, gates can be very eye-catching especially when they are adorned with decorative gate hardware. From gate hinges and ring pulls to latches and door studs, at Restoration Online we sell a range of stylish gate parts that will make your gate stand out from the crowd.


All our gate hardware comes from the architectural hardware specialist, Tradeco Hardware. Tradeco Hardware has built a reputation over more than 30 years as being a brand of choice for builders and renovators, as well as architects and designers, across Australia and even further afield. Their gate hardware is not only of a very high quality, but it is also very affordable. Made from malleable iron, these gate parts are strong and durable which is essential given most gates are outdoors and will be exposed to many different weather conditions. The gate hardware comes in a distinctive black matte. The black colour against a rustic wooden gate can provide a striking contrast that is very visually appealing.


Whether you are restoring an old gate, or installing a new one, we have several gate hardware options in our collection including gate hinges. As well as allowing your gate to swing open and closed, our ornate gate hinges will add a touch of elegance to your gate. We have two different decorative designs to choose from that both have an old-worldly feel. Please note that although these gate hinges are functional, they are not intended for heavy duty use. As well as functional hinges, we also stock a non-functional gate hinge that is intended for decorative purposes only. It is a great way to dress up your gate when you don’t actually need a new hinge. If you want to give your gate a rustic feel, we also sell a matte black gate ring pull. As well as looking stunning against a timber gate, this iron ring pull also has a practical use as a gate handle to pull your gate open or push your gate shut. It comes with the screws included so it can easily be attached to the front of your gate.


We also stock latches in our gate hardware range which are good for keeping your gate securely shut. The Suffolk latch, originating in the English county of Suffolk back in the 16th century, is a latch with a thumb activated lever. We have two different Suffolk latches to choose from. The first one measures 50mm (width) by 190mm (height) by 145mm (throw) and features a heart shaped latch bar plate, as well as a heart shape on the ends of the latch handle. The second Suffolk latch measures 40mm (width) by 195mm (height) by 165mm (throw) and has a different distinctive design. Both of these latches would make a unique addition to any gate. Also in our latches range, we have malleable iron traditional gate latches with decorative ring handles. These latches would look amazing on a traditional gate.



Another decorative feature in our gate hardware collection is the iron black matte door stud. It is thought that in medieval times, studs were added to doors and gates as a form of protection. If you were being attacked by an enemy who was wielding a sword or axe, the door studs could cause damage to the weapons. The door studs could also be used to hold together two layers of wood to strengthen the door or gate making it harder to break through. These days, the risk of a sword attack is less likely, but if you are restoring an older style home, door studs can be an enchanting feature to add to your gate. They screw in from the front, so the screws will not be visible from the front side of the door or gate. Measuring 19mm by 19mm, you may want to add several door studs to really make an impact.


As well as gate hardware, Restoration Online has an extensive collection of other home hardware products for windows, doors, furniture and more. We pride ourselves on being able to supply traditional restoration hardware that can be difficult to find. From signs and coat hooks to scissors, screws, hooks, brackets and wooden corbels you can buy all the general hardware you need for your home renovation. But if for some reason you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know as we can often source other items that are not in our online catalogue, or at least point you in the right direction. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team would love to assist you with all your building, restoration and renovation requirements. Contact us online today and see how we can help you.