Rimless Toilets

Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are the way of the future! Provided to you from well-known leading brands, Restoration Online offers a wide range of these stunning toilets that you can incorporate into your next build project.

You may be asking what is a rimless toilet? Traditional toilets are typically supplied with a rim around the inner part of the toilet, otherwise known as a ‘box rim’. Rimless toilets on the other hand, are not supplied with a rim, making it one of the most hygienic options out there for a toilet. We all know that toilets are not always the most sanitary utilities in your home and keeping them clean constantly is not always easy. That is why purchasing a rimless toilet is an investment that helps you save time and practically keep themselves much cleaner than your regular toilet.

Don’t leave buying your toilet until the last minute. Think about your design theme and what look you wish to achieve. The rimless toilet is the perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom. These toilets have a clean-cut modern look and feel about them which really makes them stand out in your newly renovated bathroom. With several styles and outlet types available you will be able to complete your dream bathroom vision with ease, with a toilet that is not only efficient but is also just genuinely enjoyable to look at.

Benefits of Rimless Toilets

Are rimless toilets worth the money? They most certainly are!

Most toilets feature a rim which is the outside lining around the toilet pan which has a lip that dips down into the bowl. The water jets for refilling the toilet with clean water after flushing are located under this rim. The purpose of this rim is to rinse dirty water down and allow clean water to flow into the toilet bowl. However, there is a slight downside to this particular design. The water jets can often become dirty and clogged up with bacteria and limescale. Therefore, your toilet becomes less sanitary, and the water flow can be affected. This can be cleaned; however, it takes time and effort, which we do not always have.

This is where you can be saved by the new and improved rimless toilets which have found a way around this dilemma. Without a rim there is no hard-to-reach surfaces, and the entire toilet bowl is exposed. Rimless toilets use a different flushing system located at the back of the toilet bowl which shoots water out towards the edges of the toilet bowl in a circular flushing motion. The inner walls of the bowl are also smoother, meaning all the nooks and crannies where germs and mould can grow are abandoned. This ensures that no spots are missed, and you are left with a sparkling clean toilet after each flush, which is both more effective and efficient.

Your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief, as the rimless toilet can be highly beneficial when it comes to your water bill. Traditional toilets use approximately 6 litres of water per flush. When compared to the rimless toilets that only use approximately 4.5 litres every flush, that’s quite the water saving difference. Not only do they help you to save some money for your pocket, but they are much more environmentally friendly as they help in the reduction of water usage.

From leading brands Fienza and Turner Hastings, you can acquire this product for your own home project at affordable prices. You will find that rim-less toilets are on the market for similar prices to that of the traditional box rim toilets. For a hygienic, easy to clean, affordable, stylish and an overall better functioning unit, Rimless Toilets should be on the list as your next bathroom purchase!

Types of Rimless Toilets

Restoration Online offers a wide range of rimless toilets that will suit a number of design styles. Install a black rimless toilet and match it with a black sink, black tapware and black bathroom accessories to achieve a high-end hotel luxury feel within your very own home. If you are more of a crisp-white toilet fan, simply pair a white rimless toilet with a white sink, and bathroom accessories in any colour and you have the perfect combination of neutral tranquillity which allows you to really show off the smaller accents placed around your bathroom.

Our options don’t merely stop with just the finish of the toilet. There are different mounting positions which include floor mounted or wall hung. By installing a wall hung toilet, you can give your bathroom the appearance of being larger than it really is. Wall hung pans also allow you to easily wash and sweep the entire floor, instead of potentially missing spots around the base of the toilet when cleaning. Another perk presented by rimless toilets are the range of outlet types and cistern options that Restoration Online has to offer. Either choose a traditional flush button and cistern or choose from our modern range of in-wall cisterns and flush plates, which removes excess bulk from your bathroom space and provides a seamless finish for your toilet project.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to go with either a thick or thin toilet seat. Many of these toilet seats come with the luxury soft closing seats to minimise the amount of touching required when putting the seat down. They also come with a quick release, which means you can easily remove the seat to clean the entire top of the pan and then re-attach the seat without fuss. These toilets are not limited to just a standard bathroom and are offered in Care rimless toilet options also, so no matter the circumstance, you are able to purchase this fabulous toilet invention.

Its time to create your ideal dream bathroom look using the amazing options offered to you by Restoration Online. The possibilities are endless!

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