1901 Sinks & Taps

1901 Sinks & Taps are Australian suppliers of quality fireclay Butler and Belfast sinks and matching bridging kitchen taps. Perfect for heritage and farmhouse style kitchens and laundries. 


The name ‘1901’ was inspired by Australian Federation and the traditional fireclay sinks used during this period. 1901 Sinks and Taps offer a range of elegant, quality and reasonably priced Butler, Belfast and drop-in sinks as well as matching tapware. An Australian-owned family business, these sinks are backed up by a 10 year warranty and excellent after sales service. All 1901 butler sinks are made of fireclay, a durable, strong material perfect for use in your kitchen, laundry or butlers pantry. Styles include Classic ButlerBelfastDouble Butler, the more compact Apron sink and the more decorative Farmhouse and Ribbleton models.

What is a Butler Sink?

A Butler Sink is a large ceramic sink, designed to be used in a kitchen, laundry or butler’s pantry. Butler sinks are made of fireclay, making them extremely practical and durable. 1901 Sinks offer a large collection of butler sinks in various styles and sizes to suit any home. Butler sinks have traditionally been used in more traditional country style homes however they have become increasingly popular in more contemporary homes. Butler sinks by 1901 Sinks create a stunning feature element to any kitchen or laundry, and while providing beauty they also provide practicality with their large size and deep bowls.

How to fit a butler sink?

We always recommend having your butler sink installed by a professional, however here are some tips.

When installing a Butler sink, keep in mind they are a heavy item so you will require some kind of support under the bench to ensure it is held securely.

Each 1901 Butler sink is hand finished, making each sink unique. This creates a beautiful hand finished touch, however, does mean the sizes can vary slightly from the specifications, this is the case for all brands of Butler Sinks. Because of this, you will need to take delivery of your sink, and build your cabinetry and cut your benchtop around the sink you receive.

When fitting your 1901 Sink, we recommend that the benchtop is installed overhanging the benchtop, this allows for you to seal up under the bench between the sink and the underside of the bench, ensuring no water will flow into your cabinets. If you do not overhang the benchtop, then you will be able to see the seal line.

We recommend sealing your new Butler Sink with a flexible water proof sealant. Any non-flexible sealants will not allow for the expansion of the sink in different temperatures and may cause the sink to crack. Using a non-flexible sealant will void your warranty.

When installing your sink waste fitting, ensure that there is silicon placed in between the waste fitting and the base of the sink, this will ensure that no water can escape and the sink will hold water. If this is not added, the water will still go down the drain, however, you may find that your sink is not holding water even when the plug is used. A lot of installers are used to stainless steel kitchen sinks where silicon is not required. The hand finished nature of a 1901 Sink means the surface if not as flat as a stainless steel sink, and water can escape if no or not enough silicon is used.

How to clean a Butler Sink?

You might be thinking, a white sink.. That sounds hard to keep clean. You will be happy to discover that the glazed surface of a fireclay butler is quite low maintenance and easy to keep clean. To keep your sink looking shiny and new, simply wipe it daily with soap and water.

Butler sinks are stain and scratch resistant. You may discover something referred to as ‘silvering’ on the sinks. You might think this is the sink scratching, it is not scratching but what happens when cutlery and pots and pans come into contact with the sink, they can leave some transfer marks. These silvering marks can be easily cleaned off with Jiff, Bar Keepers Friend of even car polish.

Are Butler Sinks Practical?

When selecting a kitchen sink, a butler sink is a very practical choice. Butler sinks are heat, scratch, stain, chip and impact resistant. They are a large-bowled sink that allows you do any kitchen or laundry task with ease. Butler sinks are easy to clean and maintain. 1901 Sinks make a range of butler sinks in various sizes, they are available in single and double styles with various designs. These are a great choice when choosing a kitchen sink and looking for a practical option.

Complete your Kitchen Renovation with Matching Tapware and Kitchen Handles

If you’re renovating or building a new home and have chosen a 1901 Butler Sink as your kitchen sink, then consider which other fittings are going to complete your kitchen design. If you have selected a traditional or shaker kitchen, then a traditional kitchen tap will accompany your new butler sink perfectly. You can then select cabinetry handles such as kitchen pull handles or drawer pulls in a matching finish to your tap to complete the fixtures in your kitchen. Think about which colour sink and tap you will select based on the colour you have selected for your cabinets and benchtop. Head over to our inspiration page for some kitchen design inspiration from our customers.

Lastly when designing your kitchen, don’t forget about the over bench lighting. You might want to add downlights throughout your kitchen to ensure it’s well lit, another excellent addition is kitchen bench lighting, these are pendants that will sit over your kitchen bench island and create a stunning feature piece.

If you have an island bench then also consider adding a small lab inset sink, it is a great option as a secondary sink for filling glasses of water and small jobs while your main sink is in use. You can also pair it with a water filter tap.

When you purchase your new 1901 Sink from Restoration Online, you will receive our 5 star service and delivery straight to your door Australia-wide including to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and more. Get in touch with our helpful team if you need any assistance choosing your new 1901 Sink.