Mortice Locks

If you’re looking to install or replace existing locks across your interior and exterior doors, then you will likely have come across the description: mortice locks. These are a specific type of lock that come with an old fashioned and traditional looking skeleton key and can be the ideal choice for restoration projects or remodelling and building in traditional and elegant classical styling. They are also available in modern configurations which offer very secure and very safe contemporary features, making them not only highly practical, but beautiful locks to use too.

If you’re unsure of which type of mortice lock is the best fit for your doors, then please send us a message and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. An internal door, for example, might be better equipped with a passage latch or with rim locks than with mortice locks. Bifold door handles require particular locking types that suit the movement of the door. To ensure that all of your door hardware is consistent with your material choice and design them, consider our selection of door knobs, handles and window hardware.

The traditional, domestic mortice lock is available in a range of styles and materials, offering a designer lots of flexibility when choosing the right looking security look for their door. The mortice key, or skeleton key, is a long key resembling an old fashioned gaoler’s key that you might have seen on a large ring secured to an pot belly in popular films. They offer a nostalgic nod to past and traditional design, matching other accents like door knockers and escutcheons, and may make the perfect addition to your home. Available in brass, chrome, copper and polished brass, these highly versatile mortice locks are relatively low security compared to more modern mortice locks so may make better interior locks throughout your home than exterior security measures.

If you’re interested in using mortice locks for exterior doors, then you have a couple of options to choose from. You can select higher security designs which incorporate reinforced pins and an anti-pick curtain. Traditional mortice locks only come with between 10 and 15 locking combinations and only a single lever inside the lock making them easier to pick than commercial combination lock types like Lockwood brands and Euro profile types that you may have come across. You can also choose to supplement your exterior door security with a deadbolt and additional door latch, allowing you to remain true to the period design and original features of your home or aesthetic without compromising on your personal safety.

If you are considering the Euro type mortice locks then it should be noted that while the key is inserted in one side of your lock, no one will be able to unlock the other side until that key is removed. You may wish to consider that feature before you commit to choosing to install any Euro style mortice locks in your home.

All of our customers enjoy a personalised shopping experience when they purchase anything from Restoration Online, and that includes looking for the perfect mortice locks. You can ask any of our knowledgeable staff for help or advice before you order any of our products and before your order is dispatched we will also screen your products to ensure that you’re purchases are all consistent and that you have everything you need to install your new pieces immediately. It’s all part of our service and we’re happy to help in any way that we can.

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