Tradco Cabinet Fittings

Tradco Cabinet Fittings

For cabinet fittings that are sure to truly impress, you have come to the right place by choosing Restoration Online. We have a large and creative range of handles that allow you to push your imagination to its limits. Having the right hardware for your cabinetry is the perfect way to bring all the combinations of your project together. Picking your fittings should be an enjoyable experience, as its like selecting jewelry for your cabinets. Adorning them from top to bottom with products that shine both quality and durability. Our cabinet fittings are offered in a wide range of styles and finishes you can choose from, depending on the style and aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Choose from several types of cabinet fittings including cabinet handles, cabinet knobs, cabinet hinges and cabinet locks. They come in all different shapes, styles, sizes and finishes to compliment the other elements of your home. These cabinet fittings are suitable for many period styles which is perfect for any traditional home designs. However, with out versatile range, we also have several more contemporary style fittings for modern homes. So regardless of the style you are wishing to achieve, we have the products for you. All these fittings are brought to you by one of Australia’s trusted and leading architectural brands Tradco Hardware.

Types of Cabinet Fittings

Whether you’re in the middle of renovating a new or existing build or if you’ve decided to restore some of your old cabinetry, we have the hardware you need to get the job done! Our cabinet handles are great for both new and old furniture and can transform rags into riches. Keep the original appeal or totally switch it up to give your cabinetry a facelift that is sure to impress.

Tradco hardware produce quality cabinet fittings, that are not only durable but are also practical when it comes to functioning. When choosing the type of cabinet fittings for your project, there are a few factors you will want to consider.

As well as being functional, you also want handles that provide you with a comfort factor once installed. Of course, you want your hardware to look great, but if its awkward and uncomfortable to use, then this can become an issue. This will largely depend on what type of cabinet fitting you choose and is up to your personal preference as to which ones you prefer to use daily. Whilst shopping, decide whether you want to go for cabinet knobs, cabinet pull handles or both at once. Think about the demands of your cabinets, how often they will get used and the theme you wish to create. This will help you in making your final decision. A lot of kitchens for instance, will use cabinet knobs for the cupboards that are vertically opened and pull handles for the horizontal drawers. You can simply choose to do the same for your project by having a mixture of both styles that complement one another, or you can choose to go with just cabinet pulls or just cabinet knobs to create a clean and unified, flowing look.

Your cabinet fittings should be able to cater for your needs by opening and closing your cupboards and drawers as required with ease. This means you will want to choose handles that are size appropriate for your cabinets. Larger carboards that require more strength to open will need a much larger handle. Smaller drawers and cupboard, however, are fully functional with smaller pieces of hardware. If you are replacing existing handles, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing handles that are the same size or will be large enough to cover any pre-existing holes. Exposed pre-existing holes can be unsightly and can make a project look tacky. By covering these up, everyone will be none the wiser as to what has been replaced.

Tradco’s range of Cabinet handles are designed to suit numerous traditional and modern styles. Look back over your design plans and decide what style you need your cabinet fittings to suit. For an elegant and regal look, polished or satin brass is the way to go. To recreate the popular shaker style in your own home, add in black cabinet fittings which are a great contrast against white cabinets. Their range of reproduction bakelite handles are great for creating an art deco retro feel. A farmhouse, rustic or provincial style calls for cozy, warm tones, such as antique brass, polished or satin nickel, antique copper, pewter, and glass fittings. If you’re after the ever-popular hamptons look then we have the products for you. If contemporary is more your style, we have fittings that are clean cut and sleek that provide you with a balanced modern-day vibe. Go for monomeric colours such as chrome or black cabinet fittings to bring your modern vision to life. Our products are made to inspire and spark creativity within every project. With many of them having brass as their base material, you know you are receiving great quality products at affordable prices.

Tradco Architectural Hardware

Tradco Hardware is one of the leading architectural hardware specialists in Australia. Not only are they well-known but they are trusted by renovators, designers, architects, and other tradesmen across the country. Not only do they offer the perfect cabinet fittings for your project, but they also offer products that you can use to outfit your entire home. From door handles, home fixtures and fittings, light switches, locks and latches and more, Tradco give you the opportunity to create a cohesive feel throughout your entire project, which will mesmerize and catch the eye of your visiting guest!


Shop online to receive your Tradco fittings today. We ship all of our tradco products Australia wide to both metro and regional areas. Whether you are in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin or in a small country town, you are able to receive these products. We even ship these products overseas to countries like New Zealand and the United States. If you require any help with placing an order or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, and speak with our professional and friendly sales team who are here to help.