Iver Hardware is an Australian brand offering contemporary style door handles, locks, hardware and cabinet handles. These premium quality products will last for many years to come.


Iver Hardware, created by trusted Australian brand, Southern Design Group, is designed to initiate inspiration, allow contrast, and enhances the authenticity of any project.

The Iver range is part of our premium hardware range. This range offers high quality, sophistication, and endless opportunities to outfit your home with something new, while still being affordable. With Iver hardware you can combine style and functionality and give your house a modern and architecturally designed ‘face-lift’.

The front door of your home is where the first impression begins. By simply upgrading your door hardware, this can change the entire look of your door and make it really pop, bringing a warm and welcoming feeling to your home. The front door isn’t the only place you can dress to impress. The Iver range allows you to experiment with looks, to bring an exciting new touch to every corner in your home. If you are going for a unified design throughout your home, it is important to find hardware that will match the rest of your project. Southern Design Group have kept this in mind when creating the Iver range and have specially designed the Iver range to compliment their range of Tradco hardware fittings, so you can keep the coherency flowing throughout the entirety of your home.

About Iver

Southern Design Group take pride in their Iver motto, ‘Created for Life’. The Iver range has been intentionally designed to suit all sorts of themes ranging from contemporary, classic and traditional timeless interiors. Iver products allow you to incorporate your tastes and add your own flair to your renovation project.

The designs are simplistic for functionality but yet imaginative for style and quality. Made from solid and forged brass, Iver products are offered in a range of different finishes to suit all your designing expectations. Create a renovation statement by coordinating all of your door and interior hardware with Iver!

The Iver range is backed by nearly 40 years worth of leadership in the Australian Architectural Hardware Industry. These products come with a secure warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that these products are right for your project.

Quality and durability

Iver Hardware is created to the Australian standard and meets the criteria to stand the tests of time.

The products are made from forged brass and then are cycle tested to meet the highest durability rating. They have also been fire tested for up to 2 hours to also meet the Australian Standard. Iver hardware is formed from both brass and forged brass which offers durability and makes the quality of the products stand out.

Southern Design Group

Meet the creative manufacturer behind the Iver Range! Southern Design Group provide high quality products that are fit for purpose. Their company is built on strong service standards as they strive to provide the best possible products and support by placing customer satisfaction first every time. The team is built of highly knowledgeable staff which run the heart of the business. Southern Design Group believes in responsibility when it comes to the community and the environment which help to sustain them.

Southern Design Group have partnered with various organisations in the past with an aim to counter their impact with society and the environment. This is being accomplished by focussing on packaging alternatives and by supporting different charities including World Vision Australia and Asha.

For your hardware you can trust in the Australian company Southern Design Group and their high-quality product ranges, Tradco hardware and Iver hardware.

Iver Door Handles

Iver handles come in a range of different styles and finishes. This includes the Copenhagen, Helsinki, Sarlat, Baltimore and Annency lever door handles, just to name a few! Explore the beautiful and vibrant finishes ranging from the deep, intense Signature Brass to the soothing Brushed Brass finish.

The Iver range has a handle function for every door in your home. Whether you require handles for your internal passage or privacy doors, or your external doors that require a lock and key, the Iver range has you covered. Each handle has been creatively designed and offers several styled backplates.

Iver Kitchen and Cabinet Handles

Also a part of this range is a variety of kitchen and cabinet handles. Available in two different sizes, are the Sarlat Cupboard knobs in an assortment of finishes. Also in this same category are the Sarlat Drawer Pulls offered in the same finishes. Use these items to create a cohesive kitchen design.

Iver Door Hardware

Use Iver hardware to fully outfit and coordinate your door with the full assortment of Iver Door Hardware. To really make your front entrance door stand out from the rest, you can add additional hardware such as Iver Centre Door knobs, Iver Door Knockers, or use the Iver Door Pull handles rather than a traditional Lever or Door knob. Iver also has a variety of sliding door handles to complete your full house restoration!

Iver Finishes

The finishes used across the Iver products have been each individually created using various methods. These methods include careful hand-ageing processes to leading-edge plating techniques to create the end result. These processes create beautiful finishes such as the ‘living’ finish known as signature brass for that old time look, brushed brass for a matte golden look, to Polished Chrome, the most durable finish of them all.

You can choose to mix and match different finishes throughout your home or if you prefer a more unified design Iver finishes have you covered! These finishes allow you to coordinate not only your door hardware throughout your entire home but also your furniture hardware. Iver finishes work alongside Tradco Hardware finishes also, both created by Southern Design Group.

Iver finishes include Polished Brass, Brushed Brass, Signature Brass, Matte Black, Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Polished Nickel, Distressed Nickel and Satin Nickel.