Door Knockers

Add character to your door with our large selection of door knockers in traditional and vintage styles ranging from the iconic lion head door knocker to simpler models such as the ring door knocker. Our collection is available in many stunning finishes including chrome, black, antique brass and copper in materials such as brass and cast iron. With our vast offering we have door knockers to suit all period style homes including colonial, Victorian and Art Deco. Complete your front door decor with matching finish door handles and hardware.

If you’re on the hunt for a new door knocker, look no further, at Restoration Online we have a huge range of door knockers to suit any home and give your front entrance that perfect finishing touch. Our collection of door knockers include styles made from iron and styles made from brass. Select a decorative knocker to use a feature piece or use a cylinder hole door knocker with a pull handle for a more practical choice.

Our door knockers with cylinder holes are designed to suit a standard deadbolt/nightlatch you can source from any hardware store. For example they suit a standard Lockwood model 001. All of our door knockers either have a long backing plate to protect your door or are supplied with a separate round piece that is installed behind the knocker to ensure there is no damage caused to the door.

For a quick front entry facelift, paint your door a new colour, replace your door handles, add a door knocker and perhaps even a centre door knob. This will bring new life to your home and create a warm and inviting entrance for you guests.

Door Knockers vs Doorbells

You might be trying to decide between a new door knocker or doorbell, let’s talk about the pros and cons of each. A door bell is a great option if you have a large house and where you often are in the house is far from the front door, you can select many different chimes to connect to your door bell and you will be able to hear it loudly through the house, the downside is that for a stunning door bell you will require it to be installed by an electrician. If you opt for a door knocker, they are often not quite as loud, particularly if used by someone who is light handed. The pros of a door knocker that it is cheaper to install as you can do it yourself, it will also last a lifetime as there is nothing that can go wrong with any wiring. For easy installation that doesn’t require an electrician, you could also consider purchasing a manual bell such as a turn bell or a ships bell with rope.

Lion Door Knockers

Lion door knockers are a timeless choice for any home, they add character and style to your door while adding a practical element of a knocker. Lion door knockers have been a popular choice for many years and have remained that way, so you can purchase confidently knowing your home will stay in style. They are a great choice in particular for heritage and traditional homes or even a hamptons design. Our lion knockers are available in many colours to choose from such as antique brass and copper as well as black, brass and chrome.

Round Door Knockers

A classic choice when selecting a door knocker is a simple round design, these ring door knockers are a timeless style that won’t date your home in a few years. Round door knockers suit any style home, our door knockers are primarily designed for classic style homes, such as Victorian, federation and bungalow homes, as well as newer traditional builds like hamptons styles. Our collection of finishes includes black, brass, chrome, stain chrome, rumbled nickel, antique brass and more all designed to suit any paint colour you have chosen. Source door handles in the same colour to complete your entry design.

Brass Door Knockers

You can’t go wrong when opting for a brass finished door knocker, they are truly classic. Brass has always been a popular choice but in recent years it has made a serious come back. Our door knockers are solid brass, so even if they tarnish you can polish them up again. Brass door knockers suit heritage homes as well as new builds. Match your new brass door knocker with our collection of brass door handles and hardware. For a more modern look you may want to select a brushed brass or satin brass door knocker from our collection.

Black Door Knockers

Black has become a finish staple in Australian and New Zealand homes, an extremely versatile and hardwearing finish, black and matte black door knockers are designed to work with modern and classic style homes. Select a black lion door knocker for a dramatic look, or perhaps a decorative black door knocker for your Victorian terrace. Whichever door knocker you select, you can trust we have a huge selection of matte black door handles and matte black door hardware to match your new knocker. Complete your entry design with black coat hooks and black door hinges.

Antique Door Knockers

We cater to people who have traditional homes such as queenslanders, federation, Victorian, Georgian and other traditional cottage homes. In these homes you will often want to put an antique door knocker to stay in keeping with your heritage home design. You could try sourcing a true antique door knocker, and although stunning it may require some work to get it up and running and all polished up. If you select a reproduction door knocker from us at Restoration Online, you will receive a brand-new item that is made in a traditional design, select from colours like brass, antique brass and antique copper for a truly antique look.

If you’re installing a new door knocker you are likely renovating or building your home. When updating or designing your front entrance, don’t forget about some of the other details. A great way to revamp your front entry is to updating your tiles to a new design or redoing or staining your decking to breathe some new life. Consider installing new wall lights next to your front door, or even a pillar light or post light to install near your front steps or along a driveway. Update your door handles, your hinges and even add a letter box plate to your front door for extra style. Make your house stand out with some stylish house numbers and a new gate latch. When renovating to sell, first impressions count more than anything, if a potential buyer is put off by your drab entry they may lose interest; create the impression you need to sell your home with our door, window and general hardware.

At Restoration Online we service all of Australia and New Zealand, we will ship to your door stop in all regional and metropolitan areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tasmania, Perth, Adelaide and more. Contact our friendly team for assistance.