Entry Door Handlesets

When it comes to home design, entry door handlesets may seem like just a functional necessity to lock and unlock your door, but you may be surprised about the difference they can make.

When people visit your home, one of the first things they see is your front door, so you want to make sure you create a good impression and updating your entry door handleset can be a simple, yet effective, way to do this. 

Rather than settling for plain door knobs, handles, levers and deadbolts, at Restoration Online we have many decorative entry door handlesets to choose from. From amazing brands such as Nostalgic Warehouse, Grandeur HardwareAgeless Iron and N2lok, you know that you will receive only the best quality products that the market has to offer.

Choose from Our Entry Door Handlesets 

Entry door handle sets set the tone for the style of your home, so it is worth taking the time to choose the right one for you. When you are renovating, selecting the finishing touches can often be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

Here at Renovation Online, we specialise in reproductions that reflect a range of different architectural and traditional styles including Art Deco, Vintage, Federation, Georgian, Neoclassical, Baroque and Heritage. If you browse through our online catalogue, you will see just how many different styles there are to choose from.

For an old worldly look, the ornate and intricate detailing of the Victorian handleset range will enhance any entrance door. And if you want to make even more of a statement, you may want to choose a handleset that comes with a crystal doorknob. 

If you are after a more streamlined look, our New York range has clean lines, giving your front door a very distinctive, sophisticated feel. Or if you would prefer a more curved design, we also stock a range that comes with a circular or oval-shaped Classic Rosette back plate. 

Nostalgic Warehouse 

Our premium handlesets come from the US company, Nostalgic Warehouse. Their range of period-style door hardware is available in Australia exclusively through Restoration Online. 

As this range is imported from the United States, the lead time can be up to six weeks, but given their unique designs and exceptional quality, we definitely think they are worth the wait. 

The Nostalgic Warehouse range is made of brass and comes with one of three different grips: the C-grip, the S-grip or the F-grip. We also have a range of lever and knob options, and they are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Choose from Our Finish Types

As well as selecting your design, you will also need to decide on the finish:

  • Brass/bronze: For a very traditional look, our handle sets come in a polished brass finish. Or for a softer look you may prefer the antique brass or the warmth of the timeless bronze

  • Nickel: Whether you are after a traditional, vintage or more contemporary look, satin nickel is also a very popular choice. Being a fairly neutral colour means it will coordinate well with whatever colour front door you have. 

  • Pewter: Our handlesets are also available in a pewter finish if you are after a slightly darker appearance. 

With five finishes to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your front door.

At Restoration Online we have an extensive collection of handlesets available online to choose from – from a Georgian Rope Rosette handleset in timeless bronze or a Renaissance Egg & Dart set with a glass crystal knob; to a Federation Meadows set in antique pewter or a New York handleset in satin nickel.

If after browsing through our online catalogue you still can’t find the exact look you are after, then please get in touch. We can often source other products, and if nothing else we can at least point you in the right direction of someone who may be able to help.

Which way will it open?

When placing your order, you’ll also need to know what direction your door swings in, as in some cases you will need to select whether you require a right or a left hand door handle. 

When you are outside the room, if the door is hinged on the right, you’ll need to select right-handed when you are ordering. Alternatively, if when you are outside the room, the door is hinged on the left you will need to select left-handed. 

Our entry door handlesets are automatically keyed alike, but if you require different keys, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Stylish Collection of Door Handles

If you are doing a home renovation, chances are it won’t just be entry door handlesets you need. We supply a range of door handles including door knobs, lever handles, door pull handlessliding door handlesrim lock door knobs and screen door handles

If you buy all your handles from us, we can help ensure that you get matching styles and finishes so you can have continuity throughout your entire home. 

Our Door Scheduling Service

To help you when you are installing or replacing your door hardware, we also offer a free door scheduling service. 

Whether you are a builder, designer, tradesperson, a renovator or a DIY fixer upper, you can send us your door schedule or house plan (or even just a list of the doors you have in your house), and our experienced professionals will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to complete your project.


Restoration Online really is your one-stop shop for all your home hardware needs, and we can ship our products anywhere across Australia including to metro Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and more. 

Whether you live in a regional or metropolitan area, you can have access to these fabulous, statement-making handles. Shop online today and join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.