Tradco Architectural Hardware

Tradco is the hardware brand of choice for restoration builders, heritage architects and designers. Offering door handles and locks, light switches, window hardware and accessories, the options are endless with the Tradco range.


Tradco Hardware is one of Australia’s leading architectural hardware specialists under the branch of Southern Design Group, popular among renovators, builders, architects and designers. The brand offers a huge range of items such as door handles, window hardware, hinges, locks and cabinet hardware, just to name a few. Tradco specialises in many styles and has expanded to also include a range of more contemporary items. A variety of finishes are available to suit every taste - from polished brass and antique copper to matte black and satin nickel. Our customers love being able to match their hardware in the same finish, from the front doorbell right through to their door stops and light switches.

If you are about to start your new renovation or restoration project, then you have come to the right place. With Tradco hardware, you can start from the outside of the house and work your way in or start on the inside and work your way right out the front door. Tradco hardware has products that will make your house shine both inside and out. We highly recommend purchasing as much of your hardware as possible from one individual supplier. This will help to ensure that all your hardware matches perfectly and consists of the same finish throughout your home. You can easily accomplish this by purchasing Tradco hardware.

About Tradco

Tradco Hardware is an industry leader in architectural hardware with over 35 years’ experience. A trusted Australian company known for quality and value, who offer a wide range of products. The business was first created in Adelaide and is where the main business and office resides today. The masterminds behind the business are Graham and Denise Duff, who started the production of restoration hardware. Starting small and building the business up, Tradco now offer over 4000 products that fit perfectly in Australian historical homes.

Tradco pride themselves on their values, quality, and service. Their expertise of traditional hardware has allowed them to branch out and develop lasting relationships with their customers. They believe in the importance of offering only the highest quality brass, which reflects their strong work ethic when it comes to creating a distinctive range of products. Using brass as the base material for their hardware means their products are designed to stand the tests of time. Tradco are constantly making improvements to their product selections and work style to continue developing their already reputable rapport. Customer’s opinions matter to Tradco as they are committed to providing a satisfactory outcome to any situation.

Tradco thrives on details, which gets physically displayed in their products and their specially designed finishes. Tradco aim to transform a home as their products over time become part of people’s lives and the way they live within their abode.


Indulge yourself with Tradco’s extensive selection of merchandise. Start with your gateways that lead you into each room of your home aka your doors! Your doorways can be viewed as a symbol of opportunity, so Tradco understand how important it is to create this perception using their products. With Tradco’s range you can fully outfit each door with matching door furniture. Tradco have found ways to accommodate for all sorts of different door styles, regardless of whether you have a regular door. Some doors will require door pull handles and sliding doors will require sliding door handles. If this is what you need than Tradco Hardware has you covered. They also supply wardrobe handles, screen door handles, centre door knobs for a decorative flare and rim lock door knobs with rim locks to suit. Not only do they offer both traditional and modern door knobs and levers, but they also cater for the internal mechanisms of your door with locks and latchesThey also have a great variety of general hardware, like coat hooks, wall brackets and gate hardware.

Once you have finished with your front door entrance and the accompanying doors within your home, you can the move onto your windows. Another form of a gateway to fresh air and the beautiful outdoors. Open, close and lock your traditional windows with Tradco’s range of casesment window stays, casement window fasteners, fanlight hardware, awning window hardware and sash window lifts and fasteners. Shop by colour to easily be able to find and put together all your matching hardware for a seamless flowing theme throughout the entirety of your home.

Whether you are in the middle of a new kitchen or bathroom build, or you’re wanting to give your space a new and refreshed feeling, Tradco have the perfect assortment of kitchen and furniture handles. If you require knobs, drawer pulls or pull handles, you can have them all by purchasing them through our website. If you’re looking for a specific colour to match your other kitchen or door hardware, then you won’t have to fear. Purchasing all of your hardware from the same supplier will ensure that you don’t end up with mismatched products. If you are restoring old furniture, Tradco have some beautiful old-fashioned reproduction furniture hardware consisting of furniture hinges, escutcheons, accessories and cabinet locks and latches.

Going by Tradco’s motto, the definition of quality can be found in the details. Therefore they also offer products as simple as traditional light switches, powerpoints and switch accessories. Even the smallest details should count and by adding these minimal elements throughout your home will create an overall unified tied together feel, that can be enjoyed by everyone. You will be totally spoilt for choice with quality brass products from Tradco Architectural hardware. Restoration Online is proud to partner with Tradco Hardware to supply these superior products at reasonable prices.

Iver Range

While you’re here, why not check out Tradco’s sister range Iver Hardware – created for life. Brought to you by Southern Design Group, the Iver range is part of our premium range of hardware that we offer. This range bursts with quality and you can actually see the TLC incorporated into each individual product. If you want your house to really shine, add elements from both Traco and Iver hardware to provide your home with a unique and characterised look.

Ordering and Shipping

Shipping has never been easier, with Restoration Online as your middleman between these products and your front doorstep. As one of Tradco’s number one retailers, we organise your orders and make sure they get shipped out asap for your upcoming project. All in stock items are shipped out within 3 – 4 business days and can be shipped to both regional and metro areas, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, country towns and more! If any items are out of stock, you have the option to place the item on backorder whilst you wait for the next impending shipment. We believe in quality customer service, and we will of course keep you updated with any changes to ETA’s and the status of your order. If you are unable to wait for a product, we can help you simply switch to a similar in stock alternative. In a busy world and the intimidating online realm, it can be a nervous experience shopping online. We understand this, however, when you shop with Restoration Online, you will never have to worry about being left in the dark with your order. Once your order has been shipped, we send out a tracking number so you can keep an eye on it during transit. For a flat-rate shipping fee of $11.00, any of these amazing products from Tradco Architectural hardware can be yours today. If you have any questions about placing an order or shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our professional and knowledgeable sales team members.

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