Lode Lighting

Lode Lighting

Lode Lighting has been a well-known Australian lighting company for over 50 years. Whether you are looking for a chic chandelier, a rustic outdoor wall light or a classic brass pendant, the Lode Lighting collection has something on offer for every style.

These quality lighting products all conform and comply to Australian and New Zealand standards. The range includes a mix of traditional and contemporary styles of pendants, wall lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers and more, in bronze, black, brass and chrome finishes. Shop by style to find the exact style to suit your project.

With so many light styles on offer, it can be a tough decision to figure out which one to go for. While in the market for lights, consider the aesthetic and era of your current home or build which will help you decide the direction of light styles you wish to pursue. 

At Restoration Online we are here to help you with choosing your light source options for your project. We can help light your pathway, from choosing the item from our unique range of lighting options, to placing the item in your shopping cart ready to be used throughout your entire home design. Shop for Lode Lighting online at our store today.

About Lode Lighting in Australia

Lode International was founded and has been trading since 1965. Their long history means they have perfected the art of sourcing fashionable and quality lighting products. Their products have decorated many estates like exclusive homes, restaurants, hotels, bars and more! All products are designed and manufactured by this company using local and imported components from across the world.

Lode Lighting Australia has a dedicated team that assembles, tests and packs all orders to guarantee quality control before dispatch. All products are wired with A.S approved components to conform and comply to Australian and New Zealand standards. 

They have great long-term commitment, passion, and pride within the Australian lighting industry, so you can rest assured that you are receiving quality products that are sure to light up your home physically and metaphorically.

The Lode Lighting and Lighting Inspirations Collection

Indulge in Lode International’s extensive collection of light fittings, suitable for an array of home projects and designs. Install the type of lights that your ceilings deserve. Allow them to be the support for an eye-catching fitting, sure to be admired by the light switch operator. 

This selection of fittings is capable of transporting you back in time and bringing old-world charm into the room. Many of these fittings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. From vintage to retro, with these fittings you will be able to create your desired aesthetic in a heartbeat.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come with many different hanging options consisting of rods, chain and cord. When choosing a pendant light, think about the purpose in which the light needs to fulfill. 

Bench pendant lights are perfect for hanging above a kitchen bench, while multi-arm pendants are great for an entertaining space. Standard pendants are great for a cozy lounge room space or bedroom.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights have the primary job of enlightening an entire room with brightness of high capacity. These lights typically sit flush on the ceiling like oyster lights. Contemporary designs will use discreet ceiling lights often in large quantities to achieve this result. 

The great thing about choosing ceiling lights is that they are simple enough that they can be mixed and matched with other light fittings in different rooms. If you would prefer a soft glow in a room on occasion, then adding a lamp in conjunction with a ceiling light means you can have both options. 

Choose an Art Deco style light such as our range of antique brass lights. Lantern designs as well as a range of contemporary or mid-century inspired styles in nickel, chrome and polished brass can be incorporated into your project to satisfy the design needs of the era. We even have the timeless matte black finish that can be used in both traditional, and contemporary projects. 

Our range of DIY batten fixes, semi-flush and chandelier ceiling lights are perfect for anybody seeking to renovate or restore their existing ceiling lights.


Nothing screams luxury and elegance than a beautiful, engaging crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. You will need to take into consideration the amount of hanging space available that you will be working with. Once this has been checked, you have free reign over the size and style of your chandelier. 

From pendant light chandeliers to multi arm, baskets and flush mounts, you can find the chandelier to suit your project. Are chandeliers out of style? They most certainly are not! They will simply continue to add to the sophistication of a home throughout the years. Chandeliers suit many classical styles including French provincial, Victorian, and more!

Wall Lights

Our range of wall lights cater for both Indoor and outdoor projects. Wall lights can be used to bring additional light to a room, add light along a hallway, light the outside BBQ area for a night shindig or simply create a warm atmosphere. 

Achieve old-world charm, Art Deco memories or the imaginative Art Nouveau style within your home by using wall lights in matching finishes and materials. Make sure to check the IP rating of the light if you plan on using the light outdoors to ensure you purchase the most suitable fitting.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights include each popular style and architectural period you could ask for, meaning you can continue your home theme from indoors and let it flow to the outside. 

Light up your porch area with under eave lights or wall lights, so that your guests can see you waving at them as they drive away. Use them to light up the garden or back deck and even use them for extra security with motion sensor triggers. Post or Pillar lights at the end of your driveway are sure to make a statement!

What Style of Lights Will Work in Your Home?

Lights can have a major impact on your overall design aesthetic. If you would like your light fittings to tie in with the rest of your hardware, simply shop by colour and select from various Finishes like Polished brass, black, chrome, antique bronze and more! 

These light fittings can suit many of the most popular styles and tie in perfectly with traditional layouts like the timeless Hamptons, Victorian, Federation or Art Deco era, country kitchen and even some more contemporary designs.

Each room can be adorned with beautiful lighting to make the room pop! Use your light fitting as a feature. The perfect vector that will only accentuate the rest of the living space. Hang a chandelier above your beautiful bathtub or choose a rustic bench pendant light above your kitchen table or bench. Don’t be intimidated by these larger lights, the decision is purely yours to make whether it be simple or ornate.

If you have any questions about any of our products, need to know some info about lumens or globes suitable for the lights or would simply like to place an order please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. We’re here to help! You will be spoilt for choice when you shop with Restoration Online and by purchasing, you’re very own Lode international light fittings.

Explore our Home Lighting Options

Our range does not stop here. Feel free to check out our entire range of home lighting options that includes additional brands such as Telbix Lighting. You will be sure to find lights that can be used in both a heritage sense and contemporary styles. 

Once you have decided on your light fittings, it will be time to pick the product that gives you all the power over electricity: the light switch of course. Find the perfect switches from our range of standard light switches for traditional and modern builds or round switches with matching mounting blocks. We even have a special range fully dedicated to a Californian bungalow

Shop by colour to match your light switches to the rest of your home décor and hardware. From start to finish, your project will be complete.

Shop for Lode Lighting in Australia

Shop for Lode Lighting online here at Restoration Online. We ship our fittings and hardware Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes major cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and more! Simply provide us with your physical address and have the courier deliver the lights right to your door. 

Order online today and your items will be shipped within 4 – 6 business days fully assembled, tested, and packaged. For more information, get in touch with us today.