Toilet Roll Holders

The toilet roll holder and other finishing touches like a towel rail or even a heated towel rail are essential fittings offering a clear and necessary function. But just because they are highly functional finishing pieces does not mean that you have to skimp on quality, design and style. We specialise in providing a range of restoration and reproduction fittings like our range of toiler roll holder designs to fit any period or style of home you are currently working on. Choose from our range of Federation Australia designs, Art Deco and mid-century styling, and our selection of clean, contemporary styles ideal for offering a soft accent of stunning quality to every bathroom and washroom.

If you’re in the unexpected position of needing to replace your toilet roll holder – and, while they last a while they don’t last forever – then you have a unique opportunity to consider what kind of design you really want. It might not seem like that an important detail when compared to bathroom sinks or toilets, but your toilet roll holder and other accents like a soap dish, shelves and racks and your toothbrush holder can all set a subtle but significant design tone in your space. You may find that it’s time to update all of them and create a flowing design theme neatly tying together every wet room in your house.

When choosing things like basin tapware and bath tapware, a general design rule is to keep like for like. If you’ve chosen stainless steel shower tapware, then it’s a good idea to match the rest of your bathroom tapware to that material and finish too. This creates a sinuous flow between spaces and can help to draw together disparate looking designs such as you might find in an older house wearing the effects of decades of different design ideas and trends. Starting with your toilet roll holder is a cost-effective way of helping to draw together rooms and styles to build discernible themes and continuity throughout the home. Sometimes choosing to update or replace a traditional toilet roll holder with an iron and wood look can bleed out into the rest of your home, helping to set the design tone for other spaces more evenly and clearly.

Our selection of toilet roll holders and bathroom accessories include vintage inspired Italian designs in matte black, simple chrome toilet roll storage that can be matched with a toilet brush and stand, clean and simple stainless steel as well as polished brass, plastic, ceramic and a combination of brass and wood. Combination designs add unique character and depth, offering a cottage look and feel that is ideal for smaller spaces looking to maximise the warmth and softness of the space over sweeping open-plan contemporary bathrooms.

When it comes to time install your toilet roll storage, you have some options here too. A wall mount design is usually a good way to keep as much space available as possible. If you are choosing a wall mount toilet paper holder then ensure you measure the height ahead of installation. You may find that your existing toilet roll holder was too low or too high and, if that’s the case, replacing or upgrading is the perfect time to address the issue. As a general rule, towel rails should be positioned roughly at a height of 120 to 170cm so it’s a good idea to check what these measurements are and keep your toilet roll holder in proportion to other wall mounted accessories like mirrors.

Alternatively, if the wall mount original toilet roll holder was a nuisance then now is your chance to really review available designs. Perhaps a free standing design will be more efficient and more in-keeping with the overall style and feel of your bathroom and washroom spaces. If you need any help at all in decided which is the right style, type and material for your bathroom, please get in contact with us.

When you choose to shop online with Restoration Online, you’re shopping with a team of experts who have over 40 years of building and restoration experience. If you are looking for a particular style of toilet roll holder, then please feel free to get in contact with us and we can point you in the direction of exactly what you’re looking for. If we don’t seem to have it, then we can usually arrange for modifications to our existing stock or, at the very least, ensure you have the details of a specialist stockist who does have what you’re looking for. It’s all part of our service.

We also screen every order that we send out for accuracy, including making sure that you have ordered everything you need to complete your installation in the right materials and style. For example, if you’re purchasing a few toilet roll holders but there is one of a completely different style, then we’ll get in touch with you. Our screening process is a quick once over on your total order ensuring that you haven’t accidentally ordered something of the wrong size or type. If we do flag anything then we’ll let you know as soon as possible, saving you time spent receiving the wrong item and exchanging it for the right one.

Browse our selection of toilet roll holders and other bathroom fittings online and when you buy with us you will enjoy quick and easy shipping on every order direct to your project site.