Tradco Window Fittings

Tradco Window Fittings

Every window deserves to be adorned with window hardware that can stand the tests of time while also looking great during the process. At Restoration Online, we have an amazing range of window hardware brought to you by one of Australia’s well-known and trusted brands, Tradco Hardware. Tradco Hardware is a leading brand in the architectural hardware industry. Their carefully curated collection of window hardware consists of window handles, window stays, window locks, window fasteners, curtain fittings, window accessories and more, to suit a multitude of window styles and demands.

Tradco Hardware specialise in traditional window hardware which is perfect for the restoration of an older property where you want to continue with the original theme. Using our online store, you will be able to find hardware that matches your desired aesthetics. The range of window hardware that Tradco offers covers many windows style types, including sash windows, casement windows, awning, and transom/fanlight windows. These products are not only versatile, but they come available in numerous styles, materials, and finishes. Regardless of your window project, look to Restoration Online to provide you with the products that will add the cherries on top.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to place an order, you can contact us and speak with one of our experienced and friendly sales team members. We are here to help with any enquiries you may have and can help you with choosing the correct hardware for your project.

Tradco Architectual Hardware

Tradco Hardware is a trusted Australian company that has over 35 years of experience. They are known for their quality and value with their diverse range of products. They have an extensive selection of hardware that caters for an entire home. Tradco give you the opportunity to not only update your windows, but they offer products to revamp your door hardware, hinges, locks, light switches, furniture hardware and much more! Restoration Online is one of Tradco’s biggest retailers and we are honoured to be partnered with this company.

Types of Windows

If you’ve made the decision to update your window hardware, then it is important to know the type of window you have, to aid in your search in finding the appropriate hardware to suit. Each window is operated differently using different functions and hardware for smooth opening and closing. Different window styles include, sash (double hung) windows, Casement windows, awning windows and fanlight windows, all of which we sell corresponding hardware for. Some windows you can choose to lock with a key, or you can just go with standard fittings. Tradco has it all. Whether you are currently installing new windows or you’re giving your old ones a face lift, you will be able to find a bunch of great options when you shop online with us. If you are not sure on what window style you have, take a look at the window descriptions below to see if they match the description of your windows. Tradco Hardware knows how to spoil our customers with options galore.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to a frame by either one or more hinges at the side. This style of window can either be a single window or can come in pairs that share a common frame. These windows are perfect for air ventilation, as you can open them right up to allow a steady stream of fresh air indoors. Casement stays are popular pieces of hardware that are typically used for casement windows. These are perfect for keeping your window securely open at certain angles and for long periods of time. They also aid in keeping the window secure when shut to save it blowing open in the wind. You can adjust the open position by placing the holes on the metal bar onto the keeper or by adjusting the screw or pin. These stay styles are known as locking casement stays, drop-pins and screw downs. In addition to this, you can use a casement fastener to lock your window in place and use the handle to operate the opening and closing of your window. Casement stays can be positioned on either the side of the window frame or installed at the bottom of the window on the sill. These positions are referred to as either sidemount or sillmounted casement stays.

Sash Windows

These windows are commonly used in traditional style homes. Sash windows consist of one or more glass panels situated in a frame. The glass panels move in vertical directions to open and close the window. These panels are also known as ‘sashes’, which sparked the name ‘sash windows’. The glass panels can be individual sheets of glass or made up of windows surrounded by a windowpane.

Many window accessories have been designed for sash windows. The main ones being sash fasteners and sash window lifts. These products come with many names, including window handles and locks. The fastener keeps the window locked in place and is turned when the window needs to be opened. As the name suggests, the window lifts are used to lift the window up or down. Typically, most sash windows require a single fastener and two lifts per window for smooth operation.

Awning Windows

Awning windows come with a hinge at the top of the frame and opened by swinging the window outwards from the bottom. Not only used for great ventilation but can be used regardless of the weather. If you crave fresh air throughout your home during rain or sunshine, then awning windows are the way to go. Their design allows them to open, and any rain drops to simply hit the glass pane and run off the edges, keeping the weather outdoors but the clean air indoors.

You will require hardware to prop the window open. We offer a great range of awning window hardware, which includes hopper window catches, wedge fasteners and quadrant stays, which help you to adjust the open angle.

Transom/Fanlight Windows

If you have a window that is positioned above a door or other windows, this is typically known as a transom or fanlight window. These windows serve great purpose, especially in the summer months, which help to release hot air that has risen and is trapped at the top of the ceiling. This helps to keep your home cooler and offers a great place to let the light shine in. Due to their high positioning, they are not always the easiest to open and close. This is where a handy fanlight window operator can come in handy. Further fanlight accessories include fanlight catches, stops, swivels and pole hooks. All useful pieces of hardware to assist with the smooth operating of your transom window.

Related Products

If you thought that was all the window hardware that we have to offer, then guess again. Additionally, to all the great hardware listed above, we now also offer espagnolette window hardware, window hinges and friction stays. When shopping for hardware don’t forget to use our handy filters on our website to help you find corresponding hardware that matches your whole project by shopping by colour.


We ship all of our window hardware Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and more. We also ship these products overseas to countries like New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom to name a few. Regardless of your location, you will be able to access these amazing products from wherever you are, with just a few simple clicks of a button.