Furniture Ring Pulls

A ring pull can have a variety of uses and what you use it for is only limited by your imagination. Traditionally they are used in furniture, especially on drawers. But you can use them on any item that needs a small handle. They are perfect for doing minor restoration jobs on old furniture. If you need to hit a certain style a good quality and appropriately designed ring pull can hit that perfect decade of style. You can get them in a variety of metals and finishes. We have many different styles available in our online shop, including traditional, antique brass, antique copper, black, chrome, iron and polished brass.


A ring pull is basically exactly what it says; a ring attached to a metal plate, with its main function to be pulled. Although what they pull relates to what they are attached to. They are available in many different styles, ranging from simple (not much more than a weld ring on a plain plate) to incredibly detailed.


Ring pulls have existed for many years, and in fact may have been the first style of door mechanisms. They are very basic in their design and have not changed much over the years. The designs have changed usually to match the era, and that is how some are very elaborate. One of our favourites is the ‘cellar’ style, this ring pull sits flush, where most stand quite proud of the material they’re fixed to. The cellar style is perfect for trap doors, or anywhere that you would like a clean and smooth finish.


While most ring pulls are made of metal, if you prefer a softer touch, you can get a ring that has been covered in material, like our Hepburn rope range. These are gentle on your finger as well as having a natural appearance. If you have built a cabinet yourself, these are perfect as they offer a handmade feel to anything they’re installed on.


For traditional looking ring pull, you can’t go past the standard iron black unit. These simplistic designs will add charm to any old style of furniture. They are mostly devoid of style and instead offer pure punctuality. Which is all you really need when you’re opening draws and cupboards.

What Are the Uses for Ring Pulls?


As mentioned earlier, ring pulls have a multitude of uses, but what they are most used for is on furniture, especially draws and cupboards. When a drawer sits flush with the rest of the unit, it can be very difficult to open, this is where you need a handle of some other implement to help get it open. The same for any cupboard doors, without some sort of mechanism, opening these can be difficult and make you not want to use the furniture at all.


The easiest way to make a handle for the draws and cupboards is to cut out a section. But this can ruin your work, or your restoration. Draws and cupboards look best when they are flush and do not have any extra gaps or other odd protrusions. This is where the ring pull can be deployed to great effect. Depending on the ones that you choose, they can be cheap or expensive. But the most important part is that you can get a set that all looks the same, so they don't stand out. However, that is just one style, if you want to be eclectic and use a few different types, don't let us stop you!


If you're restoring an old piece of furniture, getting the right drawer pulls, can either make it or break it. We have many different varieties available to buy in our online shop. If you can find one that matches, you might be better off replacing all of them. Choose something that looks like it is from the same period as the furniture that you're restoring is from. If you need other items for your restoration project we have many items available in our handles and accessories sections of our online shop.

How to Install A Ring Pull?


A ring pull is installed using one of either two ways; from the front with screw, or from the back with (usually) one screw. Although a few have a screw welded to the plate, and these screw in directly with the need for additional hardware. If you’re replacing current furniture hardware, installing it is reasonably basic:


● Unscrew the existing hardware


● Mark the horizontal line on the face of the drawer (or door)


● Mark the vertical cross line on all the drawers (or doors)


● This will give you the centre points for installation


● Mark the holes for the screws and drill them out


● Use a screwdriver to install the new ring pulls


It is entirely possible to just install the new items in the same space as the older ones without needing to mark out. But, by marking out you avoid the trap of installing them slightly off centre, especially if you can't trust the previous cabinet maker.

Buying Your Ring Pull


At Restoration Online you can buy a ring pull to suit any project you’re working on. We ship Australia wide and offer a 21-day return policy, this means that if you're not entirely happy with your selection, you can arrange for a return.


When you're looking to buy items for your project, please have a look through our shop as we have many other items available that might be suitable, some of these include knobs, drawer pulls, back plates, and cabinet, tear drop, and pedestal handles.