Wardrobe Handles

Wardrobe Handles

With the overwhelming amount of wardrobe handle choices out there that you can choose from, it may seem a little daunting at first on how to begin your search to find the perfect handles to suit your project design and aesthetic. Where do you start? Well, you can start with Restoration Online with just a click of a button. With handles for every occasion, we are armed with products that are sure to suit your project design to a tea.

At Restoration Online we offer a vast and diverse range of antique style reproduction and contemporary wardrobe handles. Wardrobe handles should be stylish, aesthetically pleasing and sturdy; not to mention inviting. You should want to feel drawn to your wardrobes each morning, as you get changed into your outfit for the day. If it’s stylish on the outside, you know that it will be stylish on the inside also. Your wardrobes hold the key to your day-to-day style, so let us be the key for your overall wardrobe cosmetic style.

Offered in an array of beautiful, fresh finishes and period fashions, by some of the most well-known leading and trusted brands, you know you will be receiving true quality products to incorporate into your design. The wardrobes stationed throughout your home, will simply be bursting with pride and radiance as you adorn them with creativity from both inside and out.

Types of Wardrobe Handles

Restoration Online aims to cater for as many different design themes as possible. Therefore, our range of wardrobe handles does not stop at just cupboard knobs. There are so many more handles in store, including an amazing range of drawer pulls, drop pull handles, and pull handles. All our wardrobe handles are truly unique and come in many different shapes and sizes. You will want to take into consideration the material of your wardrobe doors, their weight, and their swing range. This will help you to determine what kind and size of wardrobe handle you require for your project. Your handles are the elements that are responsible for your doors and drawers functioning correctly, so this is important to keep in mind above the pure outward appearance of the handle itself.

We are not only providers of products, but we also can provide you with advice and help you with any questions you may have about your upcoming purchase. We understand that shopping online is not always comfortable or an easy process. However, we are continually striving to change this, by offering the best customer service possible using our online platform. Either speak to us using live chat or feel free to contact us to speak with one of our professional and friendly team members.

Wardrobe Handle Styles

Whether you are currently in the middle of a renovation project or in the process of restoring old wardrobes, cupboards, and furniture these handles will suit many layout arrangements. Our Wardrobe Handles are made from many material forms. Add class and elegance to your wardrobes by embellishing them with beautiful crystal or glass knobs, that will sparkle even on a rainy day. If you are trying to create a cosy farmhouse cottage vibe or even a chic French provincial look, then perhaps our range of porcelain ceramic handles will be more accommodating. Add an earthy tone to your clothes cupboard with wooden knobs or create a classic retro feel using our reproduction bakelite handles. By adding any number of our traditional products to your project, you can achieve looks from any federation, heritage, industrial or Victorian periods. You can also easily achieve the forever popular Hamptons style.

Although many of our handles are featured in traditional home designs, they are not limited to this only. If contemporary is more of the theme that you’re going for, then our range of modern wardrobe handles is highly recommended. These handles offer a range of stunning monomeric finishes, clean cut, crisp edges and styles that are currently high on the trending list. For a refreshing, minimalistic approach, why not try the Half Moon Pull Handles from the Iver Osaka range? Made from forged brass this gives regular pull handles a great twist and will be a main feature in any modern home. Perhaps you have a home design that has both traditional and modern elements and could be considered more of a transitional layout. If this is the case, we also offer handles that engage both components.


Our Wardrobe Handles are designed and presented by some of Australia’s leading manufacturers in the industry. Some of these trusted brands include Tradco Hardware, Zanda, Castella, Iver and more! Extending outside of Australia, we also offer products as part of the premium range, which come from our overseas supplier Nostalgic Warehouse.

Your cupboards will thank you for dressing them as nicely as they dress you.

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Our wardrobe handles can be shipped across Australia and worldwide! You may live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or perhaps a small country town in the middle of woop woop. Regardless of your location, we will find a way to get these products shipped right to your doorstep by shipping to both regional and metro areas. If you live in New Zealand or elsewhere overseas, there is no need to panic. We can ship our wardrobe handles to your country also. No matter where you are, you can have the privilege of shopping online with our company.