Kitchen Spray Taps

A kitchen spray tap can be the perfect addition to any home. It can add functionality and is especially good for directing the water flow in your sink, which can mean more precise cleaning of anything you place in it. One of the best uses for a spray tap is cleaning fruit and vegetables, as you're able to get the water into all the nooks and crannies and clean them out properly.


A kitchen spray tap is seen as a premium addition to your kitchen. Anyone using it will find it more useful than a regular tap. It can be the ultimate tool for your sink. Imagine that you're having trouble getting a pot filled because there are dishes piled up in the sink. Well that’s not a problem for a kitchen spray tap, with its high reach and braided extendible spout you're able to fill up the pot!


While these taps have been around for a long time, it’s only recently that they have been becoming a requested standard in many new homes and kitchen renovations. If your home has recently been updated and you don't have a kitchen spray tap installed people might wonder, why not?


A kitchen tap can be a personal choice, but people are seeking as much functionality as possible as it often saves space, and this is especially good for making a small kitchen appear larger. A spray tap usually has a smaller frame than other rigid taps, because it doesn’t rely solely on its length to reach the middle of the sink. With its handy extendable nozzle, a spray tap can reach anywhere it needs to and still maintain a relatively compact shape.


When choosing a spray tap, you’ll need to consider the kitchen sink, as the two need to be compatible. For instance, you wouldn’t install a stainless-steel tap into a black sink, the two would look odd next to each other. In our online shop, we have many different styles including traditional, modern and premium. It’s best to find something that currently matches your decor. If you have a farmhouse style of kitchen you might consider a traditional tap, in black or bronze finish. These two would look amazing together!

How to Change A Mixer Tap Head?


If you’re doing a simple replacement, most of the time you can complete this yourself, especially if your home is not that old. Most kitchen spray taps are single hole mixer types, but you can get the three-hole variety. If you have an existing mixer tap and the piping under the bench is a braided hose, then changing it out will be easy.


Before you do anything, find the water mains and turn it off. The water mains are usually in the front yard near your water meters. Once the water is off, open one of the garden taps and let the pressure out of the pipes, this is also a good way to check if the water is truly off (we’ve all made that mistake!), the water should flow for a few seconds and then stop.


When you’re back in the kitchen open the cupboard under the sink and take a look. You should see a braided hose that goes from the tap on the bench to two copper pipes. If you can't access these pipes, it might be best to clear out everything from underneath the bench. When everything is clear you can undo those braided pipes, put a towel down on the base of the cupboard as you may have some water leakage.


After the pipes have been removed, you’ll need to unscrew any clips that are keeping the current taps in place and then remove it. It is possible that taking the sink out will give you more room to move, if this is an option. Most metal sinks are fairly easy to remove, you can unscrew the drainage pipes, and undo a few clips or screws and then it should pop right out. You can place it aside or throw it away if you’re upgrading the kitchen sink as well.


Once you get the old taps out, you can go about installing your new kitchen spray tap according to the instructions. Make sure you use plenty of plumber’s tape where the braided hose screws into the copper pipe connections. Most of the spray taps will install in the same manner that your old tap did. However, you may need to make room for the longer extending braided hose, this may mean that the shelf in the cupboard needs to be cut, or you can just take it out if you don’t need or use it.


After everything is fitted, turn on the tap (after the kitchen sink has been reinstalled!) and then go and turn the mains water on. When your back inside turn the tap off and check for any leaks in the joins. If everything is good that’s great, now you can move onto your next project!

Buying Your Kitchen Spray Tap


At Restoration Online you can buy a kitchen mixer tap in our online shop. We can ship Australia wide and offer our customers a 21-day return policy, this means that if the tap is not acceptable you are able to arrange for a return.


If you’re upgrading the taps in your home you could have a look at many of our other sections to see if anything appeals to you. We have many different styles of taps available, some of these include single hole mixers, bridging sets, 3-hole kitchen taps, pot fillers, wall mounted units and drinking water taps.