Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

So, you have the toilet installed, the beautiful eye-catching vanity equipped with a stylish sink is situated in the perfect spot. The bath is beckoning you for a soak or your shower is there looking squeaky clean. Great! The main elements of the bathroom are all there! But there’s still some elements that seem to be missing. That’s because every bathroom will never be fully complete without the all-important bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are what add the finishing touches to your bathroom project and make for a proper-functioning space that you can enjoy using every day. At Restoration Online, we offer an extensive range of bathroom accessories ready and available at your fingertips to aid in the completion of your bathroom restoration or renovation.

Fill your bathroom from top to bottom to side-ways and diagonally with our accessories, including, toilet roll and towel holders, shower drains, shower curtain rails, mirrors and much more! All products are brought to you by leading and trusted brands in the industry from across Australia, who are highly experienced. They have created the products in a range of different styles and finishes, so that you can match it with your existing bathroom fittings or your new design aesthetic. Restoration Online will have every accessory you need and more to complete your bathroom project!

Bathroom Accessory types

There are many accessories you can purchase for your bathroom; however, some are more necessary than others and will depend entirely on your project design. Check your essentials list to figure out exactly what kind of bathroom accessories you require and what to look out for.

Towel holders

Every bathroom needs a towel holder. The perfect perch for your drying aid to stay off the floor, ready for use. Choose from our range of hand towel holders to hang your hand towels discreetly and elegantly or go for a standard towel rail to hang multiple towels at once. Be bold and add a unique fancy element such as a heated towel rail to your project, which will give your bathroom a class and a high-end feel. This is something you can physically enjoy post shower, as you wrap yourself in a nicely heated towel providing optimum cosiness. Our range of towel holders offer fittings that suit both traditional and modern bathroom aesthetics.

Toilet roll holders

Where would we be without toilet roll holders? Although they are small, they are a mighty product. Keeping your toilet sanitary and organised really pulls a bathroom together. It provides so much convenience to the user and stops toilet paper from lying around in an unsightly manner. Choose from period style to sleek contemporary holders for your bathroom design.

Robe hooks

Speaking of convenience, robe hooks are not only convenient, but they are also practical. For easy access to your robe and keeping it from ending up on the floor, robe hooks are a great investment. Purchase a traditional robe hook to create an old-world appeal next to your luxurious bath and telephone tap. For a more modern look, our range of clean-cut robe hooks will do just the trick.

Shower drains

Shower drains are simple right? A standard chrome cover will suffice. In some cases, this will work, however some bathrooms call for a little more imagination. In these cases, you may wish to choose a finish that matches the rest of your bathroom theme, in which case we can accommodate you.

Mirrors & Bathroom Shelves

Mirrors are another important element of a bathroom. Mirrors don’t only reflect your physical image as you pass by, but they also reflect your design style. You will want a mirror that suits your theme but is also big or small enough to fill up the desired space. Bathroom shelves are also a practical product that can be stylised to suit your bathroom décor and theme.

Soap dishes

A soap dish is the perfect addition to keep your bathroom looking tidy and helps to keep your slippery soap bar drained and dry. Another accessory that will add character and functionality to your bathroom.

Toilet brushes

Although they are necessary, toilet brush holders can be unsightly. That is why, using a stylish toilet brush will do the dirty work to keep your toilet clean, all while looking fancy at the same time.

Toothbrush holders

For a hygienic storage method, use a toothbrush holder as a place to store your toothbrush and create an easy access point for your toothbrush that you reach for twice a day!

Shower Curtain Rails

Purchase the perfect shower curtain rail to match suit your brand-new shower curtains. It’s the best way to create a barrier between water and your bathroom floor. At Restoration Online, you can custom design your own shower curtain rail to the exact measurements that you need for your project, along with the shape and finish style.

Other Bathroom Accessories

If you’re surfing through our website for all bathroom accessories, don’t forget to check out our great range of waste fittings to find the perfect one for your sink or our range of floor wastes, disabled handrails, and other bathroom fittings. You will be spoilt for choice when you shop with Restoration Online.

If you have chosen a particular colour theme for your bathroom project and are looking for bathroom accessories in this colour to match, you can shop by colour on our online store! This will allow you to filter through all our amazing products and have all matching products right there at your fingertips.


Our amazing range of bathroom accessories are brought to you by leading manufacturers and trusted brands across Australia. This includes well-known brands such as Fienza, Turner Hastings, Meir, Bastow, CB ideal and Phoenix Tapware, just to name a few.

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We ship all these product’s nationwide across Australia. This includes all metro areas such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Darwin, and all regional areas. We can ship to the lot! Place an order online today to receive these products right to your doorstep with a few simple clicks.