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Every household or business building needs a sink but it’s the colour of the sink that can either make or break a renovation project. Having a sink match your colour theme and aesthetic plays an important part in completing your project vision. It’s a great opportunity to express your style and creativity. At Restoration Online we offer an extensive range of sink options suitable for any Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry. Our collection of sinks has been chosen based on their high-quality manufacturing processes, durability, and their unique designs. The sinks cater for a range of different traditional and contemporary styles, as we like to make sure that our customers are spoilt for choice. Choose from single and double sinks in many colours, shades, and sizes. You can shop by sink type which will help aid in finding the sink that will fit your requirements. When choosing the colour of your sink, try matching to your existing hardware and colour schemes that you have in mind. Restoration Online is here to assist you along the way also. You are welcome to contact us and speak with our friendly and experienced sales team, who are here to help you with your decision.

What Colour Sink Should I Choose?

There is an immense feeling of satisfaction once you have your brand-new sink fully installed in its final resting place. It should harmonize and blend into your other home décor and fittings with ease. Opting for a neutral colour sink like white or black, means you can put pops of colour elsewhere in the room, with accessories such as towels, taps and other hardware. On the other hand, if you want your sink to be the main focal point, then having a bright and illuminated sink, is sure to draw the eye and be the centre of attention. Since there are many colours to choose from, begin with looking at what popular styles are available and see which one sounds like it would be most suitable for you and your renovation vision.

Black Sinks

Incorporating a black sink into your project is the best way to make a bold statement. A black sink can be used to create a hotel luxury feel that offers a striking contrast against light-coloured back grounds. Commonly used in modern builds, these are timeless features that will blend seamlessly with your countertops and other room accessories.

White Sinks

White sinks are the most timeless classic sinks of them all. The white finish is pristine and clean cut, offering a crisp fresh look. White sinks, such as our range of 1901 fireclay Belfast and Butler sinks are perfect for farmhouse cottages, vintage buildings or even some contemporary designs. White sinks can be used as a great replacement to your standard stainless-steel sink that builds character amongst your renovation. The non-porous surface of the sinks allows for easy cleaning and are known for being very durable. White may seem like a bland option; however, you can use this to your advantage by adding bright coloured tapware or create a bold contrast against darker backsplashes, countertops, or natural timber boards. You simply cannot go wrong with a white sink.

Stainless Steel Sinks

One of the main popular sinks and finish options to choose from is the stainless-steel finish. Found amongst many popular Australian homes, the stainless-steel finish comes in many shapes and sizes and even colours. Known for there extreme durability and sleek appearance, Stainless steel sinks suit both traditional and contemporary style homes and are built to last.

Brass Sinks

Opting for a brass sink can help you to create a coherent look within your design, by matching the brass sink to brass tapware. Adorn your kitchen with its very own kind of ‘jewellery’ that will outshine other kitchen and sink projects. Choose from a single bowl or a double bowl to fulfill all your needs.

Copper Sinks

Copper is a very durable material that retains strength and integrity. Although it tarnishes with use over time, this does not affect the functioning capabilities of the copper sinks. Copper sinks are currently trending and is perfect when you have copper silverware and other copper themed décor. Copper gives a sense of royalty and elegance, along with toughness and character. Copper sinks are vibrant and will fill the void if the room is looking a little dull.

Other Sink Finishes

These are but a few of the colours that we offer for our sinks. From Bronze & Gold to Grey, to Gunmetal, Nickel and even Ivory, the possibilities are endless. You will also need to pick your sink type. Choose from our wide range of ceramic, concrete, stainless steel, or granite sinks based on the need demands required by your project. Achieve your dream renovation when you purchase through our online company and have all the items shipped straight to your doorstep.

Are Fireclay Sinks Durable?

Fireclay is one of the most durable forms of ceramic that there is. Each Fireclay sink has a special glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay body during the firing process. Fireclay sinks are designed to maintain their appearance for a longer period and are impact resistant. The sink’s hard enamel makes it highly scratch-resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant which is easy to clean. Our website offers more information on the durability of fireclay sinks and you can also see our sink care guide for further details on how to keep your sink in tip top condition.

Related Products

A sink would not be complete without a waste fitting, which is what comes included with each sink you purchase. However, if your project requires accessories to match a particular colour scheme, then we have you covered. We offer a great selection of sink waste fittings to choose from so that you can match to your overall project aesthetic. Don’t forget to add your very own sink mat or grids to place in the bottom of the sink to protect your expensive glassware and china. Don’t forget about your tapware! Choose from our extensive range of matching tapware, which can also be sorted by colour based on the colour scheme you need.


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