In-Wall Cisterns

If you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new home, one of the items on your to-do list will be to select and purchase all your bathroom fittings and fixtures. This includes your tapware, vanity, basin and of course the toilet. Selecting a quality toilet that is built to last and has a timeless design is an absolute must when completing a bathroom renovation. You might like to opt for a standard close coupled toilet suite, or if you are wanting a modern, minimalist design then a fantastic choice is to opt for a toilet with an in-wall cistern. With an in-wall cistern toilet, the cistern is built inside the wall, and there is a simple flush plate on the wall behind the toilet pan. These flush plates are available in black and white (which work well with any colour scheme), and finishes like bronze, brushed brass and brushed nickel.

Are in wall cisterns good?

If you are considering an in-wall cistern, you might be wondering if they are a good choice. There are a few misconceptions about in-wall cisterns, such as: do I need to remove tiles to get to the cistern if there is a problem? The answer is no, if you select a good quality brand, such as Geberit cisterns, they are designed so all your plumber needs to do is take the flush plate off the wall and they can get to all parts of the cistern and easily replace any parts if they ever do fail. Geberit is a very common brand in Australia, so finding parts in years to come will not be a problem.

What is an in-wall cistern?

An in-wall cistern is a toilet where rather than when the cistern is sitting on the top of the toilet inside the room, like a standard link or close coupled toilet, the cistern is built into the wall. This creates a very streamlined look as there is less of the toilet shown, you can only see the bowl/pan and the flush plates on the wall.

Which in-wall cistern do you need?

When selecting your new in-wall cistern, be sure that you have chosen your toilet pan first. If you want a floating, wall mounted pan (p-trap), then you need to choose an in-wall- cistern for wall hung pans. If you want your toilet pan to be installed on the floor and not wall hung (s-trap), then you will need to choose the in-wall- cistern for floor mounted pans. When selecting this, consider if you have a S or P trap toilet currently, as it will be easier for your plumber to install the same type, however if you are completely renovating your bathroom or moving the toilet position anyway, then it won’t make much of a difference and you can select based on what you visually prefer. Keep in mind some models, such as the Turner Hastings Floor Mounted Narva Pan, are a universal S and P trap, this gives you added flexibility when installing your new toilet as it can be installed either way.

Are concealed cisterns a good idea?

In-wall cisterns are a fantastic idea when renovating your bathroom, they create a stunning minimalist design which will be timeless for many years to come. They are easy to install, simple to replace parts and will add a real selling point to your home. A concealed cistern should be something to seriously consider if you are planning your bathroom renovation.

Which toilet plans work with our in-wall cisterns?

A great choice when selecting your new in wall cistern pan is our Narva range by Turner Hastings. The range is available in wall hung and floor mounted styles, and there is a choice of a thin or thick seat lid. These toilets are rimless, for added hygiene and easy cleaning, meet all WELs and WaterMark Australian standards, and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. To tie your bathroom together, select a flush plate that matches your bathroom tapware.

Finish the look with Bathroom Fittings and Tapware

When renovating your bathroom, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Selecting high quality solid brass bathroom fittings such as towel rails, towel rings, wall mounted toilet brushes and mirrors will add a luxe feel to your new room and tie everything together. Match your fittings to your bathroom tapware such as basin, shower and bath tapware. Select your fixtures and fittings from our leading brands such as Meir, Bastow Tapware, Abey, Gareth Ashton and Gessi. Our collection of taps and fittings are available in a huge range of finishes, consider which colour you want your fittings in when selecting your tiles, so ensure you select tile and tap colours that complement each other. Our coloured tapware is all electroplated to ensure longevity in a wet area like a bathroom.

In addition to fittings and tapware, browse our collection of bathroom basins, pedestal basins and vanities as well as bidets and shower curtain rails to ensure you have everything you need for your renovation.

Where do you ship?

At Restoration Online we will ship your new toilet or cistern Australia-wide! This includes metropolitan cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and all regional areas of the country as well. If you’re worried about your order breaking in transit, don’t worry! We include transit insurance on every order, just make sure you contact us within 48 hours of receipt with photos of any damage and we will ship you a replacement straight away. Concerned about postage costs? Most of our in-wall cisterns have free shipping or very affordable rates. If you have any questions about shipping or which in wall-cistern you need, just contact our helpful team for information or advice.