Online Lighting

Our online lighting shop is available for all your home improvement needs. The lighting fixtures in your home can say a lot about the style of house you have. There is an endless amount of styles and finishes available. Have a look around and we are sure you’ll find something that appeals to your tastes.

If you're unsure of which light style you're after, and we know online lighting stores can be a little daunting, we can take you through everything you need to consider before committing to purchasing. We want to see you happy with your purchase rather than be not a hundred percent sure.

Decide Where the Lighting Will Be Installed

Outdoor lighting will often not be the same, or contrast, against any indoor lighting . You can choose something similar or go for a completely opposing look. You could install an antique finish style outside, and anything from brushed chrome, to a full sized chandelier on the inside.

For outdoor lighting, you can choose from: post lights, wall lights, chain pendants, rod pendants, pillar lights, or under eave lights . With indoor lighting the options are higher because there are many places to install lights on the inside of your home. You can shop online for any of these styles: lantern lights, chandelier lighting, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, lamps, or (our personal favourite) kitchen bench lights .

If you’re totally unsure, consider which room the lights will go into. What are the current ceiling lights and how is it attached? Most are batten lights, this means they are screwed into the roof and secured on a batten, which gives them support. Lights usually require the assistance of an electrician to install, but some are designed with the home installer in mind.

If you are looking for a light that hangs from the ceiling, such as a pendant light, then you’ll need to measure the height available and see if the light you like can be shortened or lengthened to suit the room. You can get a feel for how the light will look by turning off the main light and holding a table lamp at around the height you think will look good, however this is best done with two people! One to hold the lamp and the other to measure the distance from the ceiling.

If you're considering installing lights into the bathroom, see if the light is marked as suitable for a high humidity room. Also consider the type of light bulbs to be installed with your lights, most homes are going for led lights as they save on electricity, but if you’re shopping online lighting for a large warehouse or workshop commercial lighting might be more suitable.

After you have decided where the lights will be installed, it’s time to decide on the style, and finish.

How to Choose Your Lights

The first step is to examine your current fixture styles. Unless you are looking for a completely new and updated look. It can also depend on the area you live in, check with council regulations before committing to purchasing online lighting. Some areas have strict regulations that determine the type of outdoor lights that are installed. For a quick check have a look at your neighbors. Do all of these lights look different? If they are, you're probably safe to buy anything you prefer.

Try to choose a colour that matches your current decor, mixing bronze and chrome could be considered a cardinal design sin, but if that’s what you want, don’t let people tell you different. However, most online shoppers look for matching products, especially with lighting fixtures.

Have a look through our online lighting section and narrow the search down to what style best suits. There are many options available you can choose between colours and finishes. In our shop you can choose from a variety of colours, such as, black, gold, green, blue and others. There is also a wide selection of metal finishes, some of these are: nickel, polished brass, satin chrome, copper, and more. It can easily be overwhelmed by the selection available but when you narrow down the colour and styles you like it can become much easier to select the correct one for your home.

Lighting is very important to the feel of your home. You can choose a few or many, it all depends on the feel you are going for. Some people like the dimmed down look, as this can create shadows and pockets of darkness and lights. You could choose to highlight a particular area of your home, perhaps you have a display case of collectables and these need their own lighting source. Maybe you enjoy being the brightest house on the block, that’s perfect for installing many led lights as these are cheaper to run.

Buying Your Lighting

At Restoration Online we have an extensive range of lighting, this is because we believe that every home needs that individual touch. Be it outdoor, indoor, pendants, or lamps in our shop the possibilities are huge. Think about what you want to achieve from your lighting and find the right one that says something special about your home!

We ship Australia wide, and with our 21 day return policy, it’ll be hard to make the wrong decision with your online lighting purchase. We are the specialists in proving lighting solutions for every home. All of our items are picked for their quality and durability. Our interest is in helping you get your home into a place that you’ll enjoy, and if impressing others is your game, we can help with that as well.