Under Eave Lighting

Under eave lighting is a great way to light up your home. Most homes in Australia do not make use of the outdoor lighting options available, but they can be a fantastic way to highlight your home and give it that curb appeal so many people seek. If your home is a traditional or modern style, under eave lighting can really showcase the style.


If you regularly have guests over, then your lighting options are very important, as the outside of your home can be your main entertaining area. This includes how many you need and the spacing of the lights. If you want a brightly lit home, then you’ll need more lights. Lighting is not only for night, as often the lights themselves are important to the overall look of your home.


Most outdoor lighting is quite visible during the day, so it’s important to consider how they add to the facade of your home. By choosing an appropriate style and finish of the lights they can blend seamlessly into your home. In our online shop we have under eave lighting available in traditional styling with an antique black and antique bronze finish. There are many different looking lights to choose from and they can suit many homes that have eaves.


As well as the light unit, knowing what style of bulb you want to install can make a huge difference to the light output and the way the lights look when they are turned on. If you have very bright LED style lights, you may not need that many units, but if you are trying to achieve a much more subtle light scheme, you may need more. Many people are using older antique style filament bulbs, these have an older world charm, and offer a distinct yellowish glow, while not perfect for security purposes your home is a federation or other traditional style then the look can really complement the home.

What Is an Under Eave Light?


Under eave lighting is a light that is installed into the eaves of a home. The eaves are the edges of a roof, where it extends beyond the edge of the wall. Traditionally the eaves exist to make sure that running water coming off the roof is thrown clear and does not cause problems for the home. Eaves can also help to cool and heat a home, as they may provide additional roof surface area to warm the home, and at the same time increase shade for the walls.


Under eave lights are usually easy to install and the material used is easy to cut through and very accessible from the roof cavity. Although you’ll need an electrician for any installation where a light is not already present, it is possible for anyone to install the actual light fixture, as you’ll only require a drill and a few screws.

How to Install Flood Lights Under Eaves?


For best results it’s a good idea to plan out your lighting. To make a good lighting plan, check on the luminosity of the blub you’re planning to put into the light units. This can give you a good idea for how far apart the lights need to be installed. Check with the bulb manufacturers for how far the light will penetrate and use a measuring tool to determine how far apart you should space the lights. However, you can install the lights as often as you like, either way is totally fine.


Once you have the spacing for your lights, you want to mark the installation location. Find the centre of the eave, for best results use a set square and mark a line that goes from the wall to the edge of the guttering. Then measure the space and divide it in half to give you the centre point.


Most lighting manufactures will give you an installation guide, but most lights will need a central point for the power cable to go through. You can make this with a drill bit, ideally you don't want to make a hole much bigger than your finger. Some light will use a light batten to be installed, and others may attach using screws. If you don’t have a lighting batten you can get one from any hardware store. But if you’re going to have an electrician install the lights generally, they will install batten fixtures for you if they’re required.


If your under eave lighting is DIY batten fix, these can be easy to install yourself as they use the existing lights. Take out the bulb, and then unscrew the socket skirt. The light unit will usually go over the batten and then once you screw the socket skirt back in place and replace the bulb you’re done! While you can do this with the power on, it’s often best practise to turn the power off to the lights while you change anything more than just the bulb.

Buying Your Under Eave Lighting


At Restoration Online you can buy under eave lighting in our online shop. We ship Australia wide and offer our customers a 21 day returns policy. If something is not to your liking you can arrange for a return and choose something that suits better.


We have a huge selection of lighting options available, some of these include post lights, wall lights, chain pendants, rod pendants and pillar lights. If you’re interested in lighting up your home, there is sure to be something that you find suitable.