Browse our range of high security deadbolts in a range of shapes and finishes, shipped Australia-wide.

Our range of deadbolts are designed to complement our door knobs and lever door handles. Adding security as well as style, choose from a variety of different finishes such as Matte Black, Polished Nickel, Chrome, Timeless Bronze and Polished Brass. In simple contemporary styles or more premium options, deadbolts no longer need to be an ugly feature on your front door, but can be a beautiful statement instead. Opt for Victorian, Georgian or Arts and Crafts deadbolts, or more simple options to suit Hamptons or cottage homes.

What is the purpose of a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is designed to make your external doors secure, and protect against intruders and break-ins. They are one of the highest security types of lock. The lock bolt is operated by turning a key or thumbturn. This extends the bolt into the striker plate in the door frame, barring the door closed.

Deadbolts are easy to use and very difficult to break or damage. They use a cylinder lock, which has a number of pins – sort of like a puzzle. Only a key in the correct shape can solve this puzzle and retract the lock, which makes it very hard to pick.

A deadbolt is separate to your door handle, usually being installed above it.

What are the different types of deadbolts?

You can choose between a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt.

A single cylinder has a key on one end (the outside of the door) and a thumbturn on the other end (the inside). This means you can lock and unlock the door from the outside using a key, but when you are inside you can simply lock it by turning the thumbturn. This is much more convenient than needing to use the key, for example, to lock the door at night.

You may not want to use a thumbturn is if the door has glass panes in it. In this case, an intruder can easily break the glass, reach inside and unlock the door using the thumbturn. In this situation, you may want to choose a double cylinder deadbolt, with a key on both sides.

Do I need a deadbolt?

On external doors, we recommend having some kind of lock, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a deadbolt. There are a range of other types of locks and latches available.

The two main alternatives are a Euro lock and a traditional mortice lock.

Euro locks work in a very similar way to a deadbolt, using a cylinder to lock the door. It is slightly easier to break than a deadbolt, but completely sufficient in most situations. The main difference is that a Euro lock sits behind the handle, and incorporates a latch as well as the lock. The door handle operates the latch while a key or thumbturn operates the lock, which is below the handle.

A traditional mortice lock is an old fashioned style lock that uses a large skeleton key. Like the Euro lock, mortice locks sit behind the handle and have a latch mechanism as well as the lock. It does not have the option of a thumbturn on the inside. Some people may choose this style because they like the look of the large old fashioned keys, or simply because they want to replace their old locks with something similar and authentic to the period their home was built in.

For extra security, some people choose to have a deadbolt in conjunction to a Euro or mortice lock, however in general this is not necessary.

Do I need a keyed door knob If I have a deadbolt?

No. If you have a deadbolt, this is sufficient for security purposes and you don’t need a keyed door handle as well. Some people may choose to add a deadbolt to an existing keyed door handle if they need something higher security, but if you have a deadbolt, then a regular, non-keyed door knob or lever handle is completely fine.

Can my deadbolt match my door handle?

Yes! We recommend choosing a deadbolt that will match and complement your door handle. If you have an existing handle and are just replacing a deadbolt with something a bit nicer, we have options available in a range of finishes, such as Matte Black, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel. Our premium deadbolt brands include Nostalgic Warehouse, Grandeur Hardware and Ageless Iron, and are designed to complement the handle ranges in these same brands. We recommend browsing our door handles to find a style you like, and then choosing a deadbolt to match. To complete the look, you may also want to view our range of hinges, which are available in matching finishes and a range of styles and sizes.

If you’re looking for something extra special for your front door to really make a statement, our range of entry door handlesets are a beautiful option that come included with a deadbolt.

How do I order a deadbolt?

Once you have decided on your deadbolt, and chosen any other items such as door handles, hinges and door stops, simply add these to the cart and head to the checkout. Our shipping is a flat rate of $11 within Australia. We ship to capital cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, as well as any regional areas. We can also ship internationally.

If you need help selecting the right deadbolt for your door, or finding something to match an existing handle, our helpful team is here to assist you – don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or live chat.