Viaggio: Where Design Meets Craft

Viaggio breaks new ground in door hardware design with its dramatic, fluid styles and innovative approach of integrating natural textures and shapes into sleek, modern pieces. Inspired by the fashion trends of Milan and the modern design legacy of northern Italy, Viaggio products are more than just functional hardware; they're captivating statement pieces that elevate the aesthetics of your home.

The Journey Begins at Your Doorway

The Italian word "viaggio" translates to "voyage" or "journey," reflecting Viaggio's philosophy that the essence of a home lies in the spaces we enter and exit. Their hardware is designed to spark a sense of wonder and create a beautiful first impression, setting the tone for the rest of your living space.

Unmatched Quality and Design

Developed through a collaborative design and fabrication process, Viaggio hardware is meticulously crafted in Europe, where engineering meets artistry. Each piece is made from solid, forged brass and precision-polished to ensure enduring quality and lasting beauty. Browse our extensive collection of Viaggio door handles, including passage sets, privacy sets, entry door handlesets, dummy sets, and more. We offer a variety of finishes like satin black, satin nickel, bright chrome, and titanium grey to complement your style.

A Spectrum of Style and Customization

Viaggio offers a variety of finishes and artful textures to complement any design style. From bold, high-contrast combinations to more subtle pairings, Viaggio hardware allows you to create a truly personalized look for your home. Explore our collection and find the perfect door handle to elevate your space.

Browse Inspiration and Ignite Your Vision

Viaggio Hardware is available in Australia exclusively from Restoration Online. Browse our range today to spark your creativity and discover the transformative potential of Viaggio hardware in your home. For further inspiration and more exclusive brands, be sure to peruse the exquisite ranges from Granduer Hardware, Ageless Iron, Nostalgic Warehouse, and From The Anvil.