Bath Taps

Nothing makes a bathroom shine like a set of quality bath taps. You can find almost any style or theme to fit your unique tastes. Bathroom taps can set a room and compliment any tile or basin layout. If you're into a bathroom renovation and are considering replacing your bathroom taps, we are sure to have a style that suits.


With bath taps there are a wide range of styles, such as, traditional, transitional or premium. There is also a variety of finishes including, stainless steel, brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome finish and matte black (our personal favourite!).


Taps can also be used in a variety of locations in your home. Anywhere that you need running water and have copper piping installed, or can have it plumbed in, you can have taps. Other variations of bath taps are, shower bath, basin mixer and laundry taps.

How to Attach A Shower Hose to A Bath Tap?

Before you buy a shower hose for your bath taps, check if it is a two tap or single tap version, and then select the one that best matches your bathroom set up. For a basic shower hose, it will usually be made of rubber, and one end will attach to the bath spouts and the other will have a head, usually plastic, that will spray water out.


If you’re considering something more substantial than a plastic and rubber shower hose then you may need to replace your bath taps, and upgrade to a set of freestanding shower mixer taps. These have a unique look, as what is normally hidden behind the wall will now be installed on the bath.


To install these, you will need to replace the taps and spout with your new shower mixer taps. While it is a job that most handy people can complete, it can get complicated, so it might be best to hire a plumber.

Are Taps A Standard Size?

Most taps in Australia are a standard size, however if your home is older than ten years, it may be worth getting them checked to see if they are the same as the current standard. Internal pipework in a home is 13mm (½ inch), if your taps are a different size there are reducers available. We would recommend that you still check the spindles that you're planning to install before making a purchase, just in case you need to buy an adapter kit.


If you are buying taps from outside of Australia you should check what size they are as there is no international standard, for example UK threads are 15mm for basin taps and 22mm for bathroom taps. If you're not sure if the bath taps you are thinking about will fit. Please feel free to get in contact and we can assist you with your purchase.


If you are buying bathroom mixer taps, they are required to be installed at a certain distance apart. While in most instances it may not be a problem, in a few cases you may need to have the taps relocated for your new taps to fit properly. It largely depends on the style of taps you are going to install.

How to Fit Wall Mounted Bath Taps?

If you are installing a different set up to what you currently have, (i.e., moving from a single mixer tap to a three-hole taps system) then it might be best to have a plumber change out your pipework. In Australia it is illegal to do your own plumbing, however this does not include changing washers, or installing new bathroom taps (and others).


Changing bath taps is a straightforward process. You’ll need to remove your old taps, and the way to do this depends on what taps you currently have installed, although most taps are of the following design:


1. Tap Button - these are usually easily visible screws that sit on top of the tap. You may be able to unscrew them with your fingers, or with the aid of a small shifter.


2. Grub Screws - these are small screws that are embedded into the tap, you usually need an Allen key to unscrew them, if you need the taps again, be careful not to lose them!


After the screws are removed, handles and the flange should slide off. Remove any other internal workings, this may include washers and springs. Place all of these items in a box, as depending on the age of your taps, you could donate or sell them.


When you have the tap bonnet exposed, you can begin to install your new bath taps. The manufacturers should have included a set of easy to follow instructions. If you can’t find them, or they are damaged and hard to read, you can usually find a copy on the manufacturer’s website.

Buying Your Bath Taps

At Restoration Online you can buy bath taps in our online shop, and we ship all over Australia. We have a large selection available in many styles and finishes, with our 21-day return policy you can be sure that if they are not exactly what you're after then you can return the taps easily.


Be sure to check out the rest of our online shop, we have a variety of other items, including a range of all manner of tapware. In addition to bathroom taps we also stock, shower taps, telephone taps, bidet taps, and non-mixer taps. We are sure that you’ll find something suitable for your up and coming restoration projects!