Tradco Door Handles

Tradco Hardware is well known for their range of door handles, developed to replicate the most popular handle styles from Australian architectural history. Available in styles such as Federation, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro and Hamptons, Tradco door handles are a perfect choice for any new home or renovation. 

Choose from lever door handlesdoor knobssliding door handles, and screen door handles, in finishes such as Polished Brass, Antique Copper, Chrome and Satin Nickel. The Tradco range has high security options for external doors, privacy locks, standard passage latches and dummy handles for wardrobes and linen cupboards.

What are the different types of Tradco door handle?

Tradco Door Levers are the most popular type of door handle, as their shape allows ease of use and accessibility. They are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings. 

Tradco’s lever handles feature a backplate which is usually a long rectangle, but in some models a round or square shape. They are available in a number of handle functions, such as passage, privacy, Euro, Traditional Keyhole and Dummy. Each of these functions come as a pair, with a left and a right handle, except the dummy option, which is a single, non-functional handle for wardrobes. 

Once you choose your handle function, the website will prompt you to select your locks & latches. You may need to measure your backset size to work out which size latch to choose. You can see how to do this here: Measuring Your Backset

Tradco Door Knobs

Tradco Door Knob works in the same way as a lever handle, except it has a round knob instead of the lever. Door knobs are quite a popular choice in traditional homes, and some styles such as the Bungalow and Art Deco knobs are forever in fashion. The only instance we recommend using a lever instead of a knob is when they need to be installed very close to the edge of the door – in this case, turning a knob so close to the door frame can risk scraping your knuckles. Therefore we only offer the 57-60mm backset size on knobs, whereas levers have both options.

To really make a first impression, some traditional doors are adorned with a centre door knob. This is a non-functional knob that sits in the middle of the door on the outside, and is used like a pull handle. It is not attached to a lock or latch. These tend to be larger and grander than standard door knobs, and can be used in conjunction with a lever handle or pull handle.

Tradco Pull Handles

Tradco Pull Handles are able to be used on cupboards, kitchen cabinets and front doors. For wardrobes and cabinets they are often used along with a magnetic catch to keep the door closed. On external doors, we recommend using a lever, knob or entry door handleset, however if you are set on a pull handle, you’ll want to install a deadlock or a roller lock.

For sliding doors, you might want to look at our range of Tradco Flush Pulls. These are specifically designed to sit flush with the door, to allow your door to slide into a cavity. They come in a range of finishes and sizes, and are available in both simple, classic shapes and Art Deco shapes.

What parts do I need for my Tradco door handles to work?

If you’ve chosen a Tradco door knob or lever handle, you’ll note that the website will prompt you to “Select your handle function”. The function you choose will depend on the type of door you have. For standard internal doors, you will want a passage handle, while for bathrooms you might want a privacy handle. 

Tradco also offers two types of locking handles; the Euro, which uses a modern key and cylinder, and the Traditional Keyhole, which uses a larger old fashioned skeleton key. Dummy handles are also an option. These are non-functional single handles for wardrobes and linen cupboards.

What other hardware should I consider with my Tradco handles?

A door handle is the logical first item to consider when installing new doors or restoring old ones. You will then want to consider other items – for example, hinges and door stops are generally needed throughout the home, and purchasing them from the Tradco home fixtures and fittings range will ensure they match your handles perfectly. 

For your front door, depending on the style of your home, you might want to consider a doorbellletter plate or house numbers. Tradco also offers a range of French Door Hardware such as flush bolts and French Door Latches.

Add the finishing touch to your home today

At Restoration Online, our website is designed to easily walk you through the process of selecting your locks and latches once you choose your handle. However if you do need to purchase these separately, such as in situations where you require a replacement, you can view our range of tubular latches, privacy locksmortice locks and Euro locks. For those replacing rim lock handles or wanting to create an authentic, traditional look, our range rim locks is a great place to start.

For a flat fee of $11, we can ship your Tradco door handles and hardware all over Australia, including capital cities such as Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as regional locations. These items can also be shipped worldwide, just add to the cart to see your shipping price.

Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team if you require any assistance choosing your door handles, and selecting the correct latches, locks and other hardware.