Wall Mounted Toilet Brushes

At Restoration Online we have a huge range of bathroom fittings and accessories, designed to complement your tapware and overall design aesthetic. From leading Bathware brands such as Meir and Fienza, our wall mounted toilet brushes are available in a range of finishes such as Chrome, Matte Black, Tiger Bronze and Brushed Nickel.

It is the simple touches that really bring together a space. Whether your interior design theme is a contemporary one, or more traditional, our wall mounted toilet brushes will fit into styles such as Hamptons, Art Deco, French Country and Retro. Browse our range of bathroom taps and accessories to choose matching items that will turn your bathroom into a stylish oasis.

What are the benefits of a wall mounted toilet brush?

One of the great benefits of a wall mounted toilet brush is that it is kept up off the floor and out of the way when cleaning the bathroom, preventing a build up of dust, and stopping the toilet brush from accidentally being knocked over. It will free up floor space and look more streamlined than a freestanding toilet brush holder. A bathroom always looks more appealing with less clutter, so having your toilet brush mounted to the wall can give your space a tidier appearance. The removeable tumbler allows for easy cleaning and the high strength mounting brackets means the toilet brush will remain secured in place.

How do you clean a wall mounted toilet brush?

We advise regularly cleaning your wall mounted toilet brush with mild soapy water using a microfibre cloth. Do not use harsh detergents, bleach, cream cleaners or citrus based cleaners as these are abrasive and may damage the surface and cause the bristles to fall out. We recommend using a milder soap or even a toilet cleaner to clean the brush.

What brands of wall mounted toilet brushes are available on Restoration Online?

We have two main brands offering wall mounted toilet brushes – Fienza Bathware and Meir Australia.

Established in 2009, Fienza is a trusted Australian supplier of beautiful, good quality Bathware, from taps to towel rails, basins to mirrors. They have a large range of accessible items such as their disabled handrails, wall mixers, shower and basin taps. Fienza aims to bring innovation and style to bathrooms throughout Australia, and all their products are fully compliant with all Australian regulations and plumbing codes. Extended warranties are available across the Fienza range.

Meir Australia is an award winning, family business that strives to help people love their home. High quality components are sourced from Switzerland, Hungary and Spain to create their gorgeous tapware, sinks and bathroom accessories, in unique finishes such as Tiger Bronze, Champagne and Brushed Nickel. Meir’s water-saving showers use smart engineering to form an invigorating but eco-friendly shower experience.

What other bathroom accessories do I need?

To give your bathroom a sense of seamless cohesion, we recommend choosing bathroom accessories that match the colour and style of your taps. Our range of basin taps, shower taps and bath taps are available in a selection of different finishes. Chrome is the most popular option, as it is easy to keep clean and maintain, doesn’t tarnish, and tends not to show up scratches or fingerprints. Most of the tapware brands on Restoration Online, such as Fienza, Meir, Bastow, CB Ideal, Armando Vicario and Phoenix have chrome as their base finish. Other finishes are available in many of our options, including anti-tarnish Brass Gold, Polished or Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, or more rustic finishes that will tarnish such as Industrial Brass and Bright Copper.

Once you have chosen the finish you are going for, that will narrow down the brands you are choosing from. You can then select the exact models you want – choose from Gooseneck or Rainfall shower heads, telephone bath taps, wall mounted or bench mounted vanity basin tapware, bath spouts with levers or sleek mixer taps. The options really are endless!

Selecting your taps is the starting point – then you can move on to the other bathroom accessories that really pull together the room. Towel rails & ringsare one of the first accessories many people choose – we have different sizes of double and single towel rails, and even heated towel rails for those looking to take the luxury level up a notch.

Other accessories and fittings you might want to consider are items like toilet roll holders, robe hooks, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and shower drains. If your items are in chrome, then you can mix and match brands as chrome is a standard finish, no matter the brand you choose. For other finishes such as tiger bronze, brushed nickel or matte black, we recommend selecting items from the one brand to ensure they all match.

We can even supply shower curtain rails in a range of shapes and sizes to match your tapware, and don’t forget our huge range of furniture handles for your bathroom vanity and cupboards.

Once you’ve added your wall mounted toilet brush to the cart, along with any other tapware or bathroom accessories you need, head to our checkout to place your order – we offer payment options such as PayPal, credit card or bank deposit. These toilet brushes can be shipped to major cities such as Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, to regional Australian areas and worldwide. We’ll send you a tracking number once your order is on the way!