The Kitchen is deemed, by many, as the most important room of the entire house. It’s where all the magic happens. It’s the place of creativity, imagination and caters for all the essential family

gatherings and festivities.

The way a kitchen is outfitted says a lot about the head cook and provides an insight into what kind of experience is created when using this space. Designing a kitchen comes down to comfort, aesthetics, and practicality.

Firstly, you start by working out your layout and choosing the style of kitchen you have always dreamed about.

Then it’s time to make your dreams come true by adding all the elements to create this vision and make an attractive working space. This is important, because when your kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, you’ll find that the kitchen invites you in and will make you feel like cooking rather than chucking another frozen meal in the microwave.

Once your layout has been determined its time to start all the exciting touches to suit your style theme. Whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, Restoration Online has the kitchen accessories for you. From your stunning, statement Kitchen Sink and matching Kitchen Tap to your Kitchen and Cabinet handles, with glistening hanging lights from your ceiling, we have everything you need to create your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Styles

Restoration Online offer kitchen products that are made to suit a range of different styles and themes. To design a kitchen, you’ll want to consider some of these following elements based on your chosen kitchen style.

- The Cabinetry Hardware

- Your Tapware

- Finding a suitable sink

- Lighting to ignite your kitchen

Kitchen Styles fall under three main categories; Traditional, Contemporary and the Transitional Kitchen which is a mix of both vintage and modern together.

Traditional styles include, French Provincial, Traditional Hamptons, Farmhouse/Cottage Kitchen and certain Industrial Kitchens.

Part of our main form that characterises Restoration Online, is the fact that we offer high-quality, timeless classics to suit traditional and heritage homes.

Efficiency and Convenience is what most Modern Kitchens are all about. Contemporary styles can be simplistic or decorative depending on your style preference.

Another popular style is having a transitional kitchen, that incorporates both Traditional and Modern styles in the same area. This allows you to have a cosy, classic style while still having all the modern necessities.

Kitchen Sinks

If you have chosen to go for a traditional style, such as the farmhouse style, for your kitchen, why not choose a beautiful fireclay sink with an exposed front to suit this aesthetic. Our farmhouse sinks include both the classic Butler and Belfast sinks, which not only look great, but will complement your other farmhouse décor throughout your home. Opting for a drop-in sink also has many benefits and will leave your countertop with a nice clean edge and an elegant finish.

Fireclay sinks are highly durable and are heat, scratch, and odour resistant. They are non-porous which makes them easy to clean.

Stainless Steel sinks and Granite sinks are perfect for the modern kitchen as they are sleek and simple, yet extremely stylish. These are available in multiple finishes so that you can match your existing colour scheme and your choice of tapware.

We even have sinks for your laundry! when you have finished choosing a sink for your kitchen, you may find that purchasing a laundry sink may also be something you require.

Kitchen Taps

Once you have decided on which sink you are going for, its time to pick out the next important kitchen piece, your tapware. Your source of cool running water, kitchen jewellery if you will. Our source of kitchen taps, replicates original fittings and fixtures from numerous time periods. There are so many taps on offer to suit Traditional, Modern and Transitional styled kitchens. These ranges include Water Filter Taps, Pot Filler Taps, Bridging Tap Sets and a range of disabled kitchen taps for all your kitchen needs, with both wall and bench mounting options.

These taps come in many finishes so that you can match the rest of your kitchen hardware. Our tapware comes from well-known leading brands, such as, Turner Hastings, Abey, Fienza, Nicolazzi, 1901 sinks and taps and more!

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

It’s time to think about how you will adorn your kitchen cabinetry. Restoration Online specialises in offering thousands of kitchen and cabinet handles that have been inspired by antique and vintage styles. More recently we have introduced more Modern collections to suit contemporary cabinetry and Transitional spaces. We have many suppliers that contribute to these creative designs. Tradco Hardware, a trusted Australian brand, offers a diverse range of traditional styled kitchen handles.

If you’re looking for quality and elegance, we would highly recommend our cabinetry hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. Our Kitchen and Cabinet handles offer you some of the finest, cupboard knobs, drawer pulls, cabinet latches and kitchen pull handles to suit every kitchen project.

Kitchen Lighting

No kitchen renovation is finished without the last important ingredient, light! Finding the right lights to illuminate your kitchen and its décor is a must. By looking at the theme of your kitchen, this will help aid you in choosing the correct lights to create the perfect ambient vibe and to brighten your working space. Choose from our traditional range of Kitchen Bench Lighting or pendant lights to hang above your island counter. If you’re up for something really fancy why not add a chandelier to your kitchen space or dining room to add both sophistication and class.

What’s cookin’, good lookin?

If you have any questions at all regarding our Kitchen Hardware, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team. Our staff at Restoration Online are trained in expert customer service and will be available to help you with any enquiries you might have.


Purchase our hardware online and have the items shipped right to your doorstep. We ship our products Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and many more! We even ship our products overseas to countries such as New Zealand.

Wherever you may be located, you will have access to our fabulous ranges to complete your dream kitchen vision!