Black Sinks

Black Sinks

Sinks are one of the most functional facilities in any home used on a daily basis. This means that it is so important that you find the right sink for your project. One that can be put to the test and come out on the other side still standing with flying colours. No matter what theme or style you require, this should still be the case. That is why Restoration Online offers high-quality sinks that suit an array of design aesthetics and matching décor.

If you’ve decided on a Modern design for your interior style, with a monochromatic colour palette, minimalism, and plenty of clean-cut lines, then why not choose from our range of black kitchen, laundry, or bathroom sinks? Black sinks have become quite the rave of the past decade and are continually increasing in popularity.

With our extensive range of black sinks, you will be completely spoilt for choice when deciding on the style, material, and bowl size that you require. Discover sinks from our Fireclay, granite and stainless-steel series that are produced from well-known and trusted manufacturers who are leaders in the industry.

Why Choose a Black Sink?

Adding a black sink to your project is the perfect way to make a bold statement, as it provides an eye-catching element in what would otherwise be a dull space. Keeping your home fit ‘to the nines’, can sometimes be a bit of challenge with the ever-changing trends of today. However, black sinks are a timeless feature, that are trending and will continue to do so into the future. This is not necessarily the same case with other sink styles that drift in and out of fashion.

Even though the black finish suits mostly modern settings, black also suits the popular ‘Hamptons’ and Provincial style homes. By choosing a traditional style such as a Fireclay Butler Sink, this can add a contemporary twist to your conventional design. You could say that you’re keeping it old school but bringing in a new head mistress. Not only does a black sink bring a bold component to the table but with it flows a sense of elegance and poise with a touch of edginess.

Black offers a dramatic contrast when surrounded by white or light-coloured backgrounds. Not only does it stand out, but this finish is designed to go with anything. It will fit in seamlessly with any existing hardware or tapware you might already have, whether it be mismatched or matching in the same finish. Perhaps you’re starting your project from scratch, and you’re wondering if a black sink will fit in with items that have not yet been purchased. With its neutral colour, you can rest assured that a black sink will blend in well with your countertops and other room accessories with ease. Achieve the much sort after hotel luxury feeling from right within your own home.

Which Material is the best?

Each sink is made different and is unique in it’s own way. All the sinks we sell at Restoration Online come with multiple properties that make them worthy of your consideration. We pride ourselves on only selling the best sinks from leading Australian brands such as Turner Hastings, Fienza, Meir, Schock Sinks, Piazza and Chambord. All made from quality materials so that you know that when you purchase through our company, you’ll be receiving premium products that are worth while and will stand the tests coming their way. All in all, we will leave you to decide which material is the best, as each comes with its own perks and delightful qualities.

Ceramic Sinks

Black Ceramic Sinks come in two different forms Vitreous China and Fireclay. Both are made by combining clay, water and other material sources together and pouring and pressing the mixture into a mould. Into the Kiln, the mould goes, and the result is a sturdy ceramic sink. These types of sinks are highly durable, heat resistant and are scratch resistant. A non-porous surface makes for easy cleaning and stain resistance, creating a very hygienic surface. Ceramic sinks are made from natural resources meaning that they can vary slightly in sizes from the manufacturer’s standard specifications. Are fireclay sinks durable? They sure are! You can find out more information about these on our website.


Engineered from stone, our black Granite sinks consist of 80% natural quartz sand which is the strongest component found in granite. The remainder is made up of resin, such as acrylic resin. The components are mixed and then are moulded to form the sink. Blasted in very high temperatures, the end product is an extremely durable sink that is resistant to breaking or cracking. These offer anti-bacterial surfaces, like the fireclay sinks and are non-porous. These sinks are becoming increasingly popular, especially for modern home designs.

Stainless Steel

Where would we be without Stainless-Steel Sinks? They’re practicability and affordability make them one of the most sort after sinks in the world. Known for its extreme durability and scratch resistance you know you can’t go wrong with this sink material. Stainless Steel is graded and is based on several factors such as gauge (thickness of steel) and the percentage of iron in the material. 304 grade stainless steel is the highest grade for sinks and has excellent corrosion resistance qualities.

These sinks are heat resistant, will not dent, crack, or break and are also food safe. They are easy to clean and maintain and are often more affordable than other sinks. The great thing is, even though stainless steel is often purchased in silver, we have these sinks available in the black finish also!

Matching products

Once you have chosen your desired sink, its time to add some matching accessories! You can’t have a sink without a tap! Restoration Online provides you with an amazing range of Black Taps to match your sink perfectly. We offer black kitchen, laundry, and bathroom taps, so you are covered across all the most important rooms in your home.

Dress your sink up by adding a matching black waste fitting or choose from an array of different coloured Sink Wastes. Protect your China and glassware from cracks or chips by adding a protective sink mat or grid to the bottom of your sink.

Expanding outside the basics, once you have all that you need for your sink, you can then begin to outfit the rest of your home with matching Black Hardware and Black Light Fittings. The possibilities are truly endless!


We ship our sinks for free Australia wide, so no matter where you are located, you’re able to receive one of these beautiful products for part of your project. Purchase today and we will ship our sinks to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, or any metropolitan or regional area.