Furniture & Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges serve a very practical purpose, but they can also be a decorative feature and add elegant detailing to your cabinet door. Whether you need hinges for a kitchen dresser, bedroom cupboard or a glass display cabinet, we sell a variety of hinges in different colours, finishes and styles. Our furniture hinges are made by trusted Australian brand Tradco, who provide stylish, yet sturdy high quality architectural hardware at affordable prices.


For those who have traditional or antique furniture, we sell authentic looking reproductions that reflect a range of styles from different periods. In older cabinets and furniture, most hinges were designed and installed in a way that they could be seen. Over time, styles have changed and more modern, contemporary furniture are more likely to have cabinet hinges that are less visible, creating a more streamlined look. When deciding on what style of cabinet hinge is best for you, you’ll also need to also look at the other features on your cabinet door. For example if you already have door handles, chances are you’ll want the hinges made from the same material and finish.


As well as the style of your furniture, the type of cabinet hinge you will need will depend on how your furniture has been constructed, for example whether your cabinet is framed or frameless, and the type and size of the cabinet door. If you are replacing an existing hinge that is worn out, you may be looking for something that is a similar style and shape so that you can use the existing holes. As well as coming in a myriad of finishes, our furniture hinges come in a range of styles, heights and widths so you can select the furniture hinge that is the best fit for your cabinet.


Our fixed pin cabinet hinges are available in a range or finishes include antique brass, polished brass, antique copper, chrome, satin chrome and matte black. If you are looking for a cabinet hinge with an ornamental tip, we also sell fixed pin finial cabinet hinges in the same range of finishes. At Restoration Online we also stock a range of ornate hinges including the fancy hinge, the snake hinge, the ‘H’ hinge and the box hinge which all come in polished brass. For a more distinctive finish, the fancy hinge and the snake hinge also come in antique copper which is carefully rubbed back by hand revealing copper highlights which gives it an aged look.


We also sell iron hinges include the matt black iron strap hinge and tee hinge, and the cast iron hinge with an antique finish. When choosing cast iron hinges you need to be aware that even though it is polished with clear lacquer coating, in time the lacquer may wear off and the finish may then rust. So you may not want to use these hinges for cabinets or furniture that will be in a room such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry where they will be exposed to water.


Depending on the structure of your cabinet, you may require an offset hinge. Offset hinges can bring a unique and stylish touch to your kitchen dresser and other furniture. We sell several styles of offset hinges including square offset hinges, stepped offset hinges and fold over cabinet hinges. We also stock a range of ornate offset hinges. The offset cabinet hinges come in the same finishes as the fixed pin cabinet hinges, and they also come in a satin nickel finish. While cabinet hinges can seem to go unnoticed, choosing the right one can make more of a difference than you think in the overall look of your furniture.


We know making decisions about which cabinet hinges are the best suited to your project is not always easy. That’s why at Restoration Online, we make customer service a high priority. You can contact one of our experienced team members either via our website or by phone, and they will be very happy to help discuss all your furniture hinges needs. If however you do choose the wrong furniture hinges, we do offer a 21-day return policy if you change your mind. You can either refund or an exchange. The full details are available on our returns policy page.


While you are replacing your cabinet hinges, you may want to update your other furniture accessories too. At Restoration Online, you can buy a wide variety of different furniture hardware and the collection is conveniently available to browse online. Whether you need furniture escutcheons, cabinet locks & latches, wheel castors or any other home hardware you’ve come to the right place. With our extensive range of finishes, colours, brand and materials, you can make sure all your furniture complements each other. We have been providing high quality furniture restorations and home renovations products and accessories for over a decade and have become one of Australia’s largest and most trusted suppliers. Shop online today to have these products shipped to both Metro and Regional areas Australia wide. Join our ever growing list of happy customers.