Sink Accessories

Our range of sink accessories are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your kitchen & countertop, protecting your sink and seamlessly blending into your décor and design aesthetic.

The Restoration Online Range of Premium Sink Accessories

Choose a fireclay drainer to complement your kitchen sink and provide a stylish yet practical space to store sponges and brushes. Fireclay is easy to wipe clean, stain resistant and hypoallergenic. Our drainers come with rubber bumper feet to hold it in place and prevent scratches to your bench.

For handwashing dishes, especially more delicate items, we recommend purchasing a durable rubber dish mat to place in the bottom of your sink. This will prevent cracks or chips - it’s also a good way to protect the sink itself when washing up particularly heavy pots and pans. Our sink mats come with drainage holes for a mess-free clean up and are available in three elegant and practical options. A new plug and waste fitting can transform your sink and will last for years. Our exclusive plug and waste fittings come in several sleek and functional designs that you can fit into your existing sink, from stainless steel and bronze basket wastes to basin pop-up wastes.


Drainboards are designed with the intent to make your dishwashing experience more convenient and less time consuming. Using a drainboard is not only practical but is meant to look good to. Drainers allow excess water from your dishes to drain back into your sinks while your dishes rest on it. This natural way of eliminating water from your dishware and cutlery means that your silverware can stay rust free, there will be no pools of water left behind and that you can simply leave the items to dry overnight without needing to dry every component. This saves you time when washing up and will also help to keep your countertop in tip top condition. Drainers come in many shapes and sizes. Colander style drainers are set up with drainage holes, while other drainers are ribbed, making little channels for which the water can flow through. We even have drainer baskets. So many options means we can cater to a number of different project designs and styles. It’s the perfect accessory to add to your kitchen and use as your friendly sink companion.

Sink Grids

Utilise a sink grid to help protect your sink and your expensive china or glassware if accidentally placed firmly into the sink. Silvering is a form of staining in white sinks that can be caused by silver pots and pans being placed consistently in the sink. Although the sink can be cleaned and the silvering stains can be removed using products like Jif or even car polish, this can be prevented by incorporating a sink grid into the mix. This accessory creates a barrier between your pots and the bottom and sides of your sink. This provides the sink with security and even helps to take the brunt of force from any heavy pots dropped into the sink.

Sink Wastes

Sink wastes are multi-purpose accessories that are placed in the hole of your sink where the water drains. The channel is designed to allow the water in the basin to run off safely, regardless of the sink design. You can then utilise the sink waste as a plug, which will block the pipes so that you can fill up your sink with water. Your sink would be incomplete without this addition, so make sure you pick up one during the ordering process. We have a wide selection of sink wastes that are suitable for many sink designs.

Sink Mats

Sink mats are similar to sink grids as they both are used for similar purposes. Choose to protect your sink and dishes from being scratched or chipped by incorporating a sink mat. The mat can protect delicate china and glassware from chipping by the sink surface either while washing or when storing the items in the sink before washing them.

Bottle Traps

If you have not heard of a bottle trap, this is a great bathroom accessory to add to your bathroom project. Bottle traps help to prevent unhealthy air quality in your bathroom. Bottle traps prevent unsavoury sewer gases that produce unpleasant smells when backing up in your pipes and escaping into the interior of your home. The traps are located beneath the sink and can be added into any project or residence. Pick from numerous styles and finishes to match the rest of your bathroom décor.

If you’re unsure of which bathroom accessories you will need for your bathroom or if you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members.

Why buy sink accessories from Restoration Online?

We take great pride in the quality of our sink accessories at Restoration Online - and most importantly, we have the product knowledge to ensure you get the right item for your sink. We can help you work out which size plug and waste you need, or which style of sink mat is most suitable for you. With a fast and easy shipping process and excellent customer service, we make it simple to choose and purchase accessories for your new or existing sink.

If you’re ready to update your existing sink accessories to something more durable or looking to match your accessories to new décor or a renovation, contact us today!

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We ship all our sink accessories across Australia to both regional and metro areas. This includes all major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and many more. Simply place an order online and have the items shipped to your front door. We make the process easy at Restoration Online.