Tradco Home Fixtures & Fittings

Tradco Home Fixtures & Fittings At Restoration Online we endeavour to be your one stop shop for all things hardware. This means offering vast collections of unique products that will suit all your restoration or renovation needs. We specialise in products that cater for vintage and traditional projects, making even the oldest homes look improved upon. One of the ways we do this, is partnering with suppliers that also strive to meet this need. This is why we choose Tradco Hardware as one of our main traditional product suppliers. Tradco Hardware is one of Australia’s leading architectural hardware specialists. Adding some simple home fixtures and fittings to your doors, windows and other general projects will instantly give any plain setting a complete facelift. These products from Tradco are not only eye-catching but are capable of transforming your project from amateur stylist to master designer. Get all your home fixtures and fittings in a range of beautiful finishes including polished brass, Chrome, Satin Brass, Matte Black, Satin Nickel and many more. Tradco offer a range of fittings, from doorbells, door knockers, door stops, hinges and coat hooks which you can purchase all at once or add to your project gradually. These fixtures and fittings can be yours, by simply placing an order online via our website or you can call to make the order over the phone. Coat hooks Nowadays coat hooks may be thought of as a product from the past, but this is not the case. Coat hooks can be used to save space and time and keep coats off the floor, preserving the tidiness of your home. They also make all the coats accessible when you need something warm to throw on before running an important errand. Not only does it make you a thoughtful host, but they can be used to compliment the running theme of your house décor. You can use coat hooks to add a touch of your theme to the front entrance of your home which will greet your guests as they walk in. Coats are not the only items that can be hung on hooks. Use the hooks as a multi-purpose unit to hand umbrellas, keys, scarfs and even handbags. Tradco Hardware provide many styles of coat hooks. Whether you need a single hook or even a triple coat hook, these are available for purchase through our store in many traditional designs. Door Knockers & Doorbells When you can’t always be the first to answer the door when your guests arrive, why not have a friendly doorbell or door knocker to greet them first. It allows your guests to politely announce themselves and is guaranteed to grab your attention from wherever you may be positioned in your home at the time. Tradco Hardware deliver both doorbells and door knockers in an array of styles and finishes. Doorbells are loud and can’t go unnoticed, however they do require installation by an electrician. Door knockers are not as loud as doorbells; however, they are cheaper and you can install them yourself, making for a quick and easy installation. Doorstops From rubber door stops to magnetic door stops, Tradco gives you all the options when it comes to choosing an appropriate door stop for your project. Wherever you need to install your doorstops, Tradco have you covered with their floor door stops and wall door stop mounting options. When your door is left open, a strong gust of wind can easily tamper with it, causing your door to smack into the wall behind it. You can then be left with unsightly damage to your door handles and to your pristine walls. Doorstops are a perfect way to prevent this from occurring, as they create a barrier between the door and the walls. Hinges Where would we be without hinges? They allow us to experience privacy and provide us with convenience and smooth operations. Hinges have been around for centuries, with some of the first hinges being made from materials such as bones and wood. Nowadays suppliers such as Tradco use much finer quality materials to make their hinges. With sophistication, they have developed gorgeous brass hinges that radiate care and quality. They offer a range of hinge styles which includes, fixed pin, loose-pin, ball-bearing, broad-butt, lift-off, easy-fit and parliament hinges. Whatever type of hinge you require for your project, we have it available in multiple finishes, and it’s all brought to you by Tradco Architectural Hardware. Push plates To keep your swinging doors looking fresh and free from grimy fingerprints, push plates are the best option to go with. They provide a protective surface to effortlessly open and close any swinging door. Tradco offer push plates in a mixture of colours, so you can easily match with the other existing door hardware throughout your home. Tradco Architectural Hardware Tradco Architectural Hardware is an industry leader with over 35’ years’ experience. Popular among many builders, renovators, architects, and designers, Tradco Hardware is one of Australia’s most trusted architectural hardware brands. Tradco hardware focus on creating beautiful traditional hardware and have more recently expanded their ranges to some more contemporary hardware options, including their new premium range Iver. Restoration Online is proud to partner with Tradco, as they serve high-esteemed quality products at reasonable prices. Related products Why not make Restoration Online your one stop shop by purchasing all of your required hardware from our online store and have it delivered to your doorstep. Tradco offer many other home fixtures including door handles, window hardware and light switches. You can colour coordinate all your products by using one main supplier such as Tradco, to create a coherent design. Shipping Having these products shipped to your location is easy! Simply place an order online, add your shipping address details and we will endeavour to have your products shipped out within 3 business days of purchasing. We ship all our products Australia wide, including to both regional and metro areas such as Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and more! If you live overseas in countries like New Zealand, this is not a problem. We ship our products internationally also! Contact us today should you have any questions regarding your online order.