Heated Towel Rails

The heated towel rail is the luxurious finish on every bathroom offering not only a touch of warmth when you need it most but also a stunning finish. Now more affordable than ever, you can view our entire collected of heated towel rails online available in a range of styles and sizes. Choose from a traditional wall mounted heated towel rail offer seven bars and finished in decadent gold. For a more sedate look and feel, choose the five bar heated towel rails in polished stainless steel. If you’re searching for a more versatile style that looks great and is portable, choose our freestanding heated towel rail offering a huge eight bar capacity and finished in clean and contemporary stainless steel.

How long can leave a towel warm on?

A dry towel warmer is meant to gently warm your towels while you’re bathing or showering. They will offer a bit of warm for the rest of the bathroom too, but it should be noted that it’s primarily a towel heater and not designed for warming the space. A heated towel rack will warm up fairly quickly, taking between 5 minutes and 30 minutes depending on ambient temperature. To ensure your towels are warm and comfortable, turn your home towel warmer on a few minutes before you’re ready to hop into the bath or shower. You can choose to leave your home towel warmer on afterward as well. The rail heat should also help to dry used towels and stop then smelling musty, particularly throughout the cooler months when it’s harder to dry thick fabrics, especially inside.

How do electric towel rails work?

There are few different types of heated towel rails including electric, liquid filled and hydronic towel rails. A standard electric heated towel rail will usually offer minimal running costs when used correctly and generate a heat of up to 55 degrees Celsius. When you place your bathroom towels over the heated rails, the towel will actually insulate the racks that it’s covering to help preserve the heat and direct into the fabric. This helps to reduce your running costs and makes them very efficient warmers. You can also attach a timer to your rails to easily manage heat time and costs.

Hydronic towel rails are designed for dual purpose: heating both your towels and the rest of the bathroom. They will need to be connected to a hydronic heating system which runs throughout the rest of your house and they work by pumping heated water through the rails. The time it takes for the rails to reach maximum temperature will depend on the hydronic boiler that you’re running and whether the water is already hot before it’s pumped through the rails.

Liquid filled heated towel rails are similar to hydronic towels rails in that they also pump warm liquid through the racks, but they use an electric element to heat the liquid. They are supplied pre-filled and need only be plugged into an electrical outlet to start working immediately. On average, it takes about an hour for the temperature to reach its maximum output.

You can view our selection of heated towel rails online along with the rest of our bathroom products including bathroom fittings, our selection of contemporary and antique inspired bathroom tapware designs and styles, and our selection of amenities. We have a range of sinks, toilets and bidets available which are both inspired by vintage designs but built to be durable. If you’re searching for the ideal style or type for a renovation project or a restoration project, we have plenty of iconic styles to choose from including traditional Federation Australia designs, Victorian designs and a range of mid-century through to contemporary styles.

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When you choose to shop online with Restoration Online, you’re shopping with a team of experts who have over 40 years of building and restoration experience. If you are looking for a particular style of heated towel rail, then please feel free to get in contact with us and we can point you in the direction of exactly what you’re looking for. If we don’t seem to have it, then we can usually arrange for modifications to our existing stock or, at the very least, ensure you have the details of a specialist stockist who does have what you’re looking for. It’s all part of our service.

We also screen every order that we send out for accuracy, including making sure that you have ordered everything you need to complete your installation in the right materials and style. For example, if you’re purchasing a new heated towel rails but it looks like you have also purchased tapware or other finishing pieces in a different material, then we’ll get in touch with you. Our screening process is a quick once over on your total order ensuring that you haven’t accidentally ordered something of the wrong size or type. If we do flag anything then we’ll let you know as soon as possible, saving you time spent receiving the wrong item and exchanging it for the right one.

Browse our selection of heated towel rails and other bathroom towel rails online and when you buy with us you will enjoy quick and easy shipping on every order direct to your project site.