How to Calculate Broad Butt Hinge Size

Calculating Broad Butt Hinge sizes required on Rebated or Single Doors
(Where the door needs to swing back 180 degrees)

To calculate width of hinge required you will need to:

Measure the Door Jamb Setback (distance from the door jamb to the corner of the wall you are trying to clear). See image.

The formula you will need is:

Door Jamb Setback + 30mm (hinge cutout in jamb) + 10mm (General Clearance) + 30mm (hinge cutout in door) = open width of hinge required.

For example, if the Door jamb Setback = 50mm, the calculation would look like this: 50mm + 30mm + 10mm + 30mm = 120mm.

This means you would require a hinge 120mm in width or larger.

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