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CB Ideal Tapware Finish Guide

Consolidated Brass (also know as CB Ideal) have been producing a range of premium tapware, made in Adelaide, SA, since 1976. Here at Restoration Online we’ve been proudly supplying these high-quality taps for over 10 years.

All taps are manufactured of solid brass and are available in a stunning range of non-tarnishing and maturing finishes. CB Ideal taps are covered by a 5 year manufacturers replacement warranty and meet all Australian and New Zealand WELs and WaterMark regulations.

The Standard finishes are Chrome and Brass Gold, these are stocked and are returnable. All other finishes are made to order and are non-returnable.

Brass Gold

Non-Tarnishing Finish

This finish is electroplated and has the appearance of freshly polished brass. Unlike polished brass it is resistant to tarnishing. It does not have an antique or worn look – it appears new and untarnished. Brass Gold is created using a formula of chemically inert metals including gold, nickel and chromium.

Dull Brass Gold

Non-Tarnishing Finish

Dull Brass Gold is non-tarnishing and a lower lustre than the original Brass Gold. Electroplated with a formula consisting of gold, nickel, chromium and other inert metals, this finish won’t tarnish or age.

Brushed Brass Gold

Non-Tarnishing Finish

With a brushed brass texture, Brushed Brass Gold is very durable and will not tarnish. It has a new and clean appearance and is created using a formula of chemically inert metals including gold, nickel and chromium.

Satin Brass Gold

Non-Tarnishing Finish

Satin Brass Gold has a fresh, new brass look with a satin finish, with darker hues than more shiny finishes such as the original Brass Gold. Satin Brass Gold is created using a formula of chemically inert metals including gold, nickel and chromium.

Raw Polished Brass

Maturing Finish

All CB Ideal tapware is made of a solid brass base. The exterior is polished to a shiny Polished Brass finish. Note that Polished Brass tarnishes very easily, which results in an aged appearance. It can be repolished regularly to remove this tarnishing.

Polished to Plate

Maturing Finish

Similar to Raw Brass, this finish has been polished and lightly shined to prepare for the plating process. It has a slightly less aged look than Raw Brass, and the colour is more consistent. It is still a rough finish which will tarnish quickly.

Lea Wheeled Brass

Maturing Finish

One of CB Ideal’s newest finishes, this is similar to Polish to Plate but with a soft brushed texture rather than a shiny surface. A little less rough than Raw Brass, Lea Wheeled Brass is perfect for adding a contemporary element to heritage renovations.

Industrial Brass

Maturing Finish

Industrial Brass is the rough, raw product as it is originally manufactured, with no polishing. Weld marks and differences in colour may be visible on the tap. This is a popular finish for those wanting a very aged, rustic look, or for use outdoors.

Weathered Brass

Maturing Finish

Weathered Brass is chemically aged and weathered to provide a dark antique style finish. Where this finish is touched regularly it will lighten. It is recommended to not polish this finish.

Florentine Bronze

Maturing Finish

A lightly brushed dark bronze finish with copper highlights. Overtime when exposed to the elements this finish will tarnish further and can develop a patina. Polishing is not recommended.

Bright Copper

Maturing Finish

A shiny finish with a freshly polished appearance, Bright Copper is electroplated onto brass, and will darken and tarnish very quickly when exposed to air and moisture. This is often desired effect, if not, polishing regularly will restore the original finish.

Dull Copper

Maturing Finish

Dull Copper is an electroplated finish which does tarnish quickly when exposed to air and moisture. This tarnishing can be removed by polishing regularly or left for an aged look.

Matte Black with Chrome Trim

Non-Tarnishing Finish

A special made to order finish, Matte Black is a striking look. Chrome Plate is used if required for trim or mechanical function; however, some items do not require any trim. If you would prefer a different coloured trim than Chrome, please contact us.


Non-Tarnishing Finish

Chrome is a hardwearing and non-tarnishing finish. It is a shiny texture, electroplated onto solid brass.

Satin Chrome

Non-Tarnishing Finish

Durable Satin Chrome has a satin finish that reflects light, giving it a darker appearance than standard Chrome.

Brushed Satin

Non-Tarnishing Finish

Brushed Satin is durable and complements stainless steel fixtures. It has a matte finish and does not tarnish.


Non-Tarnishing Finish

Nickel has much warmer tone than Chrome. It is a very durable finish but if not cleaned properly, the colour will tarnish and darken over time (which can be a desired effect). Nickel fits in well with stainless steel fittings.

Brushed Nickel

Non-Tarnishing Finish

One of CB Ideal’s newer finishes, Brushed Nickel Plate has a slightly darker colour than Brushed Satin and a warmer tone. It is tarnish resistant but will darken over time if not cleaned correctly.

24 Carat Gold

Non-Tarnishing Finish

A luxury, rose-gold tinted finish, 24 Carat Gold is electroplated onto brass. It is a softer and slightly less hardwearing than Brass Gold but doesn’t tarnish or discolour.


*Please note:

-Due to slight variations between batches, we recommend any tapware and accessories being installed near each other be ordered together.

-It is the nature of Maturing finishes to age and darken over time, these finishes can tarnish quickly after production, we cannot guarantee that the finish you receive will be an exact match to the sample images.

-All tapware will be provided with care instructions, please follow these carefully to ensure the protection of your tapware and its finish.