Black Lever Door Handles

At Restoration Online we offer a wide selection of black lever door handles to suit any style home, our range includes leading brands such as Tradco, Zanda, N2Lok and Nostalgic Warehouse. We’re dedicated to making sure you get what you need for your project, so if you’re daunted by choosing your handles please contact our helpful team so we can ensure your selection is correct.

Black Passage Door Handles

The perfect choice for an internal door is a black passage door handle, this is the standard selection when buying black internal door handles, when you purchase a passage set you receive a pair of door handles, the screws to install them and the spindle that connects the two handles together. With most brands, the tubular latch is sold separately, this is the mechanism that sits inside the door. You will see on our website that we always offer the matching tubular latch as an add on with each handle. If you already have tubular latches in the door you may want to keep these, however often you will want to replace so that the striker and face plates match your new black lever door handles.

Black Privacy Door Handles

What is a privacy door handle? A privacy door handle is low security locking handle for rooms such as a bathroom or master bedroom. From inside the room, you can lock it shut, however it can be opened with an emergency release from the outside of the room for safety, the specifics of the lock vary brand by brand however generally it is a type of lock that can be opened with a coin or butter knife. If you are changing your existing handles over to black lever door handles and would like to opt for a privacy set, we recommend selecting the privacy latch add on of the same brand as your door handle to ensure smooth installation and operation, unlike tubular latches for passage door handles, not all privacy latches work the same way across brands.

Black Lever Door Handles for Front Doors

Our range includes black lever door handles suitable for use on entrance doors. There are several different types of black front door handles available, you could select an entry door handleset, these are a grand choice and offer an easy-to-use thumb latch upon entering. A popular choice is a black lever door handle with a Euro cut-out, these are a door lever with a long rectangular plate supplied with a Euro Keyhole cut-out in the back plate. Euro handles are designed to work with Euro locks and Euro Cylinders, they are simple to install, high security and great to use. Another option is a small round or square back plated handle used in conjunction with a deadbolt. With so many options it’s best to work out the style you are looking for as your first step, if you need any help with the technical selection don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who is here to help.

Hamptons Door Handles

Hamptons homes and interiors are rising in popularity, who wouldn’t want a Hamptons beach house? If you are looking to create a look and feel in your home that takes you to the Hamptons then a black lever door handle is a fantastic choice, think a black and white interior with touches of timber and a country kitchen. Our Hamptons door handles are a great place to start! Shop interior and exterior Hamptons door handles now delivered to your door Australia-wide.

Black Door Handles

Black door handles are a popular choice when updating your door handles today, they give you an instant modern interior with very little cost and effort. We offer a huge range of black door handles such as black door levers, black door knobs and black pull handles suitable for internal and external doors. Select from black finishes such as matte black and oil rubbed bronze in hundreds of designs and styles to get just the right look for your home, tie it all together with black hardware and hinges.