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Drawer Pull Handles

Drawer pull handles, also known as bin or cup pulls, are a highly popular hardware choice in kitchen cabinetry because of their unique half-moon shape. Popularised by the Victorian-era kitchens, drawer pull handles have a wide appeal across vintage, traditional, farmhouse and transitional styles of kitchens. Choosing the right handles for your cabinets and drawers may seem a daunting task going by the overwhelming styles of hardware available in the market. Our online store in Australia makes your job easy by listing its premium collection of door handles, kitchen handles and furniture handles so that your best pick is just a click away.

You may not give much thought to it but these handles are the most functional hardware in your kitchens as they make all your storing spaces like cabinets and drawers operational. Not just that, these metal pieces are instrumental in deciding the final look of your kitchen.

How do you place cabinet knobs and pulls?

The right kitchen cabinet hardware can either accentuate or kill the aesthetic appeal of your cooking space. There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules that say kitchen knobs are meant for cabinets only or you can’t install cup pulls on doors. You may want to experiment with different types of knobs and pulls to enhance the visual interest of your kitchen. You can choose to use a mix of both kitchen knobs as well as pulls throughout your project or you can stick strictly to one type of product to create a unified look. Here are some tips for getting your hardware mix right.

Choose a single finish

Though it’s completely okay to choose different styles of knobs and pulls from our collection of kitchen pulls handles, kitchen drop handles and kitchen T handles —it is safe to stick to a single finish. Choosing a single metal look adds a sense of consistency to your kitchen. So, if you are choosing brass, ensure that all your cabinet fittings are of the same finish.

Use different styles for upper and lower cabinets

A great option for breaking the monotony of any kitchen is to install cabinet knobs and pulls interchangeably. So, if you are using knobs on the upper cabinets, install pulls and handles on the lower drawers and vice-versa.

Use different styles for each function

In order to add a dimension to your kitchen, you may like to choose specific hardware styles for each functional type of door and drawer. You can install knobs on all the swing door cabinets in your kitchen and use cup pull handles on all the drawers.

Thinking long-term

Think twice before drilling holes onto your cabinet. Carefully consider all the shapes and sizes and make a choice that will be functional for you now and in the long-run. Remember, the finish and style of your hardware can be changed down the road, what can’t be changed easily are the holes drilled in your cabinets.

High on quality and style, our knobs and pulls can enhance even the most boring piece of furniture in your kitchen. Our drawer pull handles are not only low-maintenance but are also easy to use. Unlike round knobs and straight handles that need to be grabbed from above, holding drawer pull handles from underneath is way more comfortable because of their large surface area. These drawer cup handles are strong-built and can easily work on the heaviest kitchen drawer.

Available in traditional and modern designs our drawer cup pull handles are made of brass, iron, zinc, glass and crystal. You don’t have to worry about their finish as we stock every single colour available in the market such as aged copper, aluminium, antique brass, antique copper, black, chrome, iron, pewter, polished brass, polished nickel, rumbled nickel, satin brass, satin chrome, satin nickel, brass, glass, crystal, iron and zinc. These drawer pull handles come with rear fix screws so you can easily install them. You may also want to shop kitchen knob backplates that can provide a more finished look to your cabinet hardware. We also offer unique designs of kitchen locks & latches if you want good quality latches for your cabinets.

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From door knobs, lever door handles, door pull handles to sliding door handles, rim lock door knobs, screen door handles and entry door handlesets – just take your pick. We offer a free door scheduling service where our experts work with you to make sure you have everything you need to complete your project. All you need to do is send us the list of doors in your house and convey your style and finish choices. If you feel the furniture at your place have lost their charm, don’t spend a bomb in replacing them. Just invest in some furniture handles and make them look new again. We promise, our collection of furniture knobs, furniture drawer pulls, tear drop handles, furniture pedestal handles, furniture ring pulls and furniture knob backplates won’t disappoint you.

Our Return Policy

What happens if you have a change of mind and think the handles you ordered online don’t look good on your furniture? Don’t worry, we offer an easy return policy under which you can initiate a return or exchange request within 21 days. Building a house or renovating an old one may be a chaotic task, trust Restoration Online for your drawer pull handle supplies and we’ll try to make your online buying experience a pleasant one.


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