Barrel Bolts

The classic barrel bolt has been used as the most straight-forward latch on doors and windows for over 170 years. In those days the range available was limited to brass barrel bolts and brass is still the base metal beneath a range of finishes including chrome, antique brass, copper and nickel. Black barrel bolts are a particularly popular later addition to the range.
These are different to reverse barrel bolts- which are morticed into the face of the door and are mostly flush with the face of the door, rather than installed onto the surface of the door or window. In situations where the door or window closes into a rebate it may be best to install one of our necked or offset barrel bolts. These have a “dog's-leg” in the sliding bolt that allows the hole for the keeper to be located away from the edge of the rebate- making for a neater and more secure fixing. Note that unlike regular barrel bolts, offset bolts can't lock into their extended position- meaning they should ideally be installed facing down or sideways.
Standard keepers for our bolts are supplied but alternative styles of barrel bolt keepers are also available. Matching screws are supplied with all bolts- all in the same finish, ensuring the final result is tidy and professional.
If a barrel bolt is not exactly what you are looking for please also see our flush bolts, panic bolts, patio bolts, gate bolts and tower bolts. These are all contained within our door bolt category, where you can view the entire range in one place.