Magnetic Door Stops

At Restoration Online we offer one of the largest selections of magnetic door stops in Australia. Our collection includes a large range of finishes to suit any home décor such as black, brass, satin brass, chrome, pewter, stainless steel as well as antique finishes like antique copper and antique brass. We ship our magnetic door stops to all areas of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and more.

Magnetic doorstops are the perfect choice for holding your door open and stop it from slamming shut in winds. We offer floor and wall magnetic door stops in traditional and modern styles to suit all homes.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stops

If you have a particularly heavy door you will require a a heavy duty magnetic door stop. These are designed to keep even the heaviest doors open during gusts of wind. Add ball bearing hinges to your large heavy doors to ensure a smooth operating door.

Tradco Door Stops

For 40 years Tradco have been bringing high quality architectural hardware to Australia, they have become a brand we know and trust. Tradco offer thousands of period style home fixtures such as door handles and hardware, including a range of magnetic door stops in 10 stunning finishes. Tradco fittings are backed by the Tradco quality and a 1 year manufacturers guarantee. If you are looking for a magnetic door stop then a leading brand such as Tradco is a fantastic choice.

Floor, Wall and Hook Door Stops

Perhaps you were considering a magnetic door stop but you have changed your mind, you might want to consider a wall or floor mounted door stop with rubber tip. These standard door stops are a great choice for all homes, they are available in over 10 colours by leading brands such as Zanda, Meir, Tradco and more.

Restoration Hardware

We specialise in authentic restoration hardware such as decorative fittings like ships bells, door knockers and functional hardware including door and window hardware along with door handles, lighting, taps and much more. At Restoration Online we have over 8,000 fittings to complete any restoration or renovation.